Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Knitters & Friends. I finally head out to home tomorrow. I can't wait to be with my family.

C. is tucked away with his folks in NC and I miss him like a part of myself is gone away. We talk constantly, but I'm used to his face being around the homestead. I have, however, enjoyed sleeping in the middle of the bed. I'm over it now.

So the next few days for me include:

- Hugs out the wazzoo.
- Laughter and tales of Christmases past
- Updates on all activities from the niece & nephew
- Holiday cocktails
- Holiday music and dancing with my family
- Christmas eve service at church, where I can rejoice in this holiday and faith
- Christmas morning with my family and Christmas dinner with more family
- Meeting dear friends for lunches and evening cocktails
- Finding all of the good after Christmas sales with my mom
- Possibly picking up my wedding dress

It's a good list of things to look forward to. In the end, my life is about these people and I cherish these times. I don't hate my job, and I'm thankful for that, but my life is about the moments that I have with the people I love. I'm rich in that way alone. I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded, in the summer of my lifetime, by the most precious souls on earth. I'm thankful for it.

Now, I'm going to go pack an extra knitting project, I have to be at the airport in the morning!

So, till next week, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I know that a lot of people get choked up over songs, but I am here to admit today that nothing makes me cry my eyes out like hearing the Beach Boys sing Little Duece Coup. Why is that?

Little deuce Coupe You don't know what I got Little deuce Coupe You don't know what I got

Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me down

But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town When something comes up to me he don't even try Cause if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly

She's my little deuce coupe

You don't know what I got (My little deuce coupe) (You don't know what I got)

Just a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill But she'll walk a Thunderbird like (she's) it's standin' still She's ported and relieved and she's stroked and bored. She'll do a hundred and forty with the top end floored

She's my little deuce coupe

You don't know what I got (My little deuce coupe) (You don't know what I got)

She's got a competition clutch with the four on the floor And she purrs like a kitten till the lake pipes roar And if that aint enough to make you flip your lid There's one more thing, I got the pink slip daddy

And comin' off the line when the light turns green Well she blows 'em outta the water like you never seen I get pushed out of shape and it's hard to steer When I get rubber in all four gears

She's my little deuce coupe You don't know what I got (My little deuce coupe) (You don't know what I got)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holy Crap, Knitting pictures!

It's Christmas in Brooklyn today for C. and I. He gifted me with a new iPod video Nano. I love this thing! A few years ago, C. got me a mini - which went out of circulation about a week after it was released, but I loved her. I've been using her happily, but C. decided that I needed to new video action - I love it. Thanks honey!

What do you get the guy bought you a diamond ring and a new iPod in the same year? The new Bose in ear head phones for the video iPod you got him last year. Yeah, he'll probably get a post holiday gift - I was thrown by this exciting giftie for me under the tree this year.

This is my Boogie sweater vest - fresh out of the bath and off the needles. I love it and will try to find a day when the sun shines to get a picture of it on my actual body. I love the vest and the double cable up the front is really nice.

We're enjoying our shared Christmas here in Brooklyn today. We're playing with the new iPod and new iPod toys. We're slightly home bound because of the nasty weather the nor-easter has dropped on us (mostly ice and slush, stuff that freezes your toes). I'm listening to the Steelers lose their game to Jacksonville, egg nogg is in my future (yay! C. makes the best nogg in the world) and I'm working on a pair of socks as a last minute gift "just in case".

This is the last week before the holidays for C. and I and this is the last year where we'll be split up for the holidays. For the last seven years, we've always had our Christmas together a week before we've left for our prospective family celebrations. We snatch moments via telephone to connect and both feel a little blue to be alone during the celebrations when all of our families are paired with the loves of their lives. Of course, trying to figure out how we'll leave our families to visit only one next year, seems almost impossible. I can't imagine celebrating Christmas without my family. It might prove to be too much for my heart to take. Won't worry about that until next year.

So for now, it's all the news that's fit to knit!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

OTBKB's Top 100!

I'd been meaning to post the OTBKB's Top 100 here . Of all of the places to have to live in New York City, I'd say Park Slope is probably the best. It has a neighborhood feel that foks are really trying to hold on to - a slippery grip on "normal" in a city that is anything but normal. Folks are pretty nice here and there's a good ratio of dogs to kids and there might be more dogs than kids, which makes it a quieter neighborhood, really.

A lot of things on the top 100 are favs of mine too - left off, Dog Beach at Prospect Park, because it's my happy place when NYC really sucks. Oh, and that little hole in the wall that makes the doghnuts on seventh avenue - fresh doghnuts everyday. There's a nice man there who always gives me an extra doughnut, even though we both know I really don't need it. And the new kitchen store that just opened up on the back side of Applewood - I haven't bought anything there, but I want to buy everything there (a rather dangerous comination). And Russo's where the bread and pasta are fresh and the homemade mozzerlla is the best!

Things on the list I agree with:

"PATTY AND BOB LENARTZ because as owners of Slope Cellars you are always ready to give back and are generous and kind. Experts at the "cheap and tasty" category, you are never pretentious and always dog friendly" - We love this wine store. It helps Slopers remember that Park Slope doesn't really end at 15th street.

"PIZZA PLUS and ROZ because after a fire destroyed your South Slope pizza restaurant, you rose from the ashes and created something even more wonderful. Roz, you are a fabulous community minded person and hard working merchant of the mom and pop variety." - And you make a mean pasta and the best chicken marsala sandwich in the world!

Anyway, you get the idea, read the Top 100 and shop in Park Slope, even though I couldn't this year (trust me, Slope, you've gotten a lot of Yarnal Knowledge mooola over the years!)

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Ramble

Someone has been running a chainsaw in Brooklyn for the last two days. A chainsaw. In Brooklyn. It just seems...wrong.

In other news over the last two days, every time I've washed a knife or the food processor blade, I've taken a chunk out of one of my fingers. What is my damage? That shit hurts!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blue Memory

It's Sunday night and I always feel a little bit blue on Sunday nights, especially when the following things are happening:

1. My family is getting together for a party and I'm stuck in New York.
2. The Steelers are losing.
3. It's winter and it has gotten dark at 4:00 PM
4. I'm growing out a bad hair cut and am in the "unfortunate" stage.
5. I've come to the realization that though I live in New York City, I've been forced to do all of my holiday shopping online because I'm not able to get to any store that won't charge me an arm and a leg because they've got to pay their New York City rent.
6. I still need to buy a gift for my new boss AND my old boss and I have no idea what to get them. Harry and David, here I come.

The weekend has gone fast and I've accomplished little. I did finish working on a sweater vest for myself (pictures when the sun is up again). I love the sweater, it's Boogie from an old Knitty pattern. The new Knitty is up, so check that out.

And! Whoever bought out all of those copies of Pat's book on Amazon - thank you! My Barnes and Noble had 5 on order and I ordered an additional three, so Brooklyn folks, check back this week, your copies will be available.

Apart from feeling a bit blue tonight, I am happy to be sitting in the shadow of our sparkling Christmas tree. The holiday season is one of the most important for folks in my religion. It's also a time for wonderful memories. I like to think back to where I used to sit every year on the floor near the couch at my grandparents house to open presents. I love to picture my grandfather pulling the turkey out of the roaster and carving it on the kitchen table. I like to think about my Aunt Tay reading me the funnies from the paper. I love recalling the feeling of how stinking hot it was at my grandparents house on 3 Stockton Avenue and my mother quietly and forcefully reminding my brother and I that we were, under no circumstances, to remove our shoes in their house as the carpets were full of coal dust from the heater. I love to think back to showing my cousins the new toy I'd gotten that morning from Santa and ohhhing at the toys that Santa had dropped off at their house for them. I love to think of my mom playing Christmas carols on the old piano that now sits in my brother's house, the one she learned to play on in the 50's. I love to remember sitting on my father's lap and feeling his body shake when he laughed and how strong his arm was that held me in place there. I love to remember our drive home Christmas night, feeling full of turkey and our traditional treats, looking forward to playing with the toys that we'd left at home that morning and slipping to sleep, full of all of that love in the backseat of my parents car. I wonder sometimes if I'll ever feel those feelings again and I am hopeful. After all, isn't this the season of hope?

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Claws Come Out - By Pat Lewis

One of my dearest friends, Pat Lewis, has a new book out that's in stores now. If you know what's good for you, like to read really funny stories, and enjoy comics you'll run, not walk, to your local bookstore and buy as many copies of this book as possible.

I'm hitting Barnes & Noble in Park Slope tonight!

Or, for the shop at home lot of you - Shop on Amazon!
It's the perfect present for so many people in your life, trust me! And heck, Pat's a great guy and amazing artist. So, knitters, get behind me on this one and check out these "Austounding Tales of Broads and Monsters" this holiday season. Pat rocks. If you buy more than 50 copies, I'll get Pat to call you on the telephone. Promise. Just send me your receipt!

For now, That's the news that's fit to knit!

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Just Been So...


I've been working like a wildcat. That's all I've been doing. No knitting, no wedding planning, very little email responding...if i owe you an email, I promise it's coming.

Knitting is coming - I promise.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Drive, you Turkeys!

I remember vividly the first time I learned about the stupidity of Turkeys. Have you heard that turkey farmers must keep a watchful eye on the weather at all times for fear of the massacre that might occur should one leave for church in blue skies and return in rain storm? Turkey's are so dumb that when it rains they are utterly mesmerized by the moisture that is falling from the sky. So mesmerized that they look skyward to feel the cool rain on their little turkey faces. They also open their mouths. And then that's it. Their mouths will fill up with water and they'll drown themselves looking up at the sky. No kidding. Nature sort of missed a step with the turkey.

I realized that there is a great parallel with New York City drivers and turkeys today. I wouldn't go so far as to call every NYC driver a turkey, but I will point out that the moment the moisture begins to fall from the sky, the NYC drivers tend to turn their faces skyward, their foots firmly on the breaks - mesmerized by the falling rain. Of course, it is not all drivers, as it is all turkeys, but I am talking about you turkeys on 278 in the mornings headed toward the Triborough Bridge!

Tomorrow - cooking with me, Yarnal Knowledge. The mystery of my best pumpkin pie ever is revealed!
For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today, I remember my Dad. I lost him suddenly, ten years ago today. I've written about him here before and today I'm just going to acknowledge that I miss him and I love him. Words can't describe the man he was and how many people he helped in his time on earth. 59 years just wasn't enough time for selfish people like me. He was, in one man, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a hero, a provider and an irresistable presense in the world. People were drawn to him and a community still celebrates him to this day. His death devestated so many, but ten years later time is healing.

I love you Daddy.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Lake George - Who's it Named After? No one on Lake George Knows...

This is why it's been so quiet around here. No, Chris and I did not run away and elope (though I think he might consider it at this point - he's past the point of no return with the wedding fodder). Rather, we spent the weekend at The Sagamore Hotel on Lake George. It's a little perk of my job that I sometimes get to go on free weekends to resorts. I used to go out of the country, but since I've gotten older, I find I'm much more of a homebody and would rather stay right where home is when the weekend rolls around. But when an offer came in that I could take Chris with me for the weekend, I pounced on it. We took off for Bolton's Landing, NY after work on Friday and by 8:30 PM, we were tucked into a rustic pub at the hotel, sucking down New England Clam Chowder on the banks of Lake George. It was great fun.

Getting out of the city for a while helped me focus on some things that had been weighing me down. I got to thinking about friends and family; about letting go and stepping up. Somewhere while strolling through the Autumn leaves, I found time to forgive myself for some past aggressions. Let's just say, I left a bit of baggage on the shores of Lake George. I returned to the city feeling as shiny as a bright copper penny.

We all carry around regrets and I might just be the queen of that particular occupation. I carry it all around, down to the off handed comment that I made that hurt someones feelings in 1983. I finally just let it go. I just released the guilt for things I can no longer change and pledged to myself that I'd try to reduce the opportunity for regret as much as possible going forward. It's a good thing to do - to try and balance your emotions enough to allow yourself to actually like yourself.

So, the trip was productive and it was fun. Chris and I spent two hours over a bottle of wine, a cheese sampling plate, fruit and a view of the water. We chatted and laughed and slowly got drunk - something neither of us has done in a good long time. It was a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon in up state NY. The trees were alive with their dying color and the quiet seemed to go on for miles and miles. It was the perfect end to a lovely day.

No knitting - too much growing and driving going on. But there are things on the needles. I'll haul out the camera (I forgot the digital during the trip - I've got to get Rite Aid to make me a cd from the disposable camera I bought) and show you how the yarn farm yarn is getting its start.
For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

PS - Steelers rock the Monday Night HOUSE!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happiness Is...

A Knitter With A Trunk Full of Yarn.

Last year you might remember that I was gifted with an invitation to a private yarn sale. I lovingly called the place "The Yarn Farm". Well, Farm House Yarns had its very last private sale ever this weekend and I was lucky enough that Chris was up for a trip to Upstate CT. We drove up early yesterday morning to find that the good people were offering some amazing "fill a bag" sale prices. One of these bags has some Christmas gifts for friends and my future mother in law, but the rest was alllllll for me. I'm still a little light-headed about the haul. I'm set for a long time.

Last year I wasn't sure what the sale would be like and though I brought a big bag of yarn home, I wasn't very smart about yardage. This year, I may have over-bought on yardage. When Chris urged my to buy more yarn, I fell in love with him all over again. One of sales girls proclaimed to me, "wow, you're lucky that you get to marry him!" She's so right. Sorry, girls, my yarn enabling husband to be, is soooo taken.

Chris' only request was that I would knit a huge woobie for our wedding. He loves hand knit blankets. He picked out a beautiful cotton / silk blend in a light lavender. I just need to find a queen size blanket pattern - or work one up myself. As far as yardage went, I picked up 7,000 yards of the yarn for the blanket. That should do it, don't ya think?

Total Yardage for myself: 20,500 - told ya I might have over bought...

Now to pick my first project...

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Have you heard about U2 reissuing the ablum, The Joshua Tree? The real question here is, do I buy it because I love U2, or do I do the responsbile thing and just keep listeing to the copy that I bought in 1987?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's What's On The Needles

It's Tuesday and the week already feels long, doesn't it? Is it that the weather is still playing towards the 70's in October, or is it just the way this week is shaping up?

70 degrees or not, I've got this little scarf on the needles. I wanted something that would be fun to knit, but also a little mindless. Seeing as I spent four, yes, four, hours trying to get home on Thursday night, having a little mindless knitting in the bag was a good thing. The pattern is free from someone, but I swear to you that I've been trying to find where I got the pattern all afternoon - but to no success. Luckily, I wrote it down. I'm soooo sorry if this is your pattern and I didn't give you credit. Email me and I'll post it! Promise.

I'm using Paton's Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Geranium. The yarn is lovely and soft. I'm really enjoying knitting this scarf. It's kind of perfect, really. It's soft and wonderful around my neck, the stripes are great and the fact that it's reversible is brilliant! I may make this my Christmas gift to the family. Stop it! Don't think like that - they won't all share this one scarf! I'm better than that! I'm saaaayyying that I might consider knitting a heap of these! : )

So, what's been happening over here at Yarnal Knowledge? I've been wedding planning and I found my knitting friends to be great support. If you're on Ravelry you can find anything and anyone who's into the same things you are. Not only am I chatting it up with my Steeler's Kniters, but I've found a HEAP of other knitters who are planning their weddings. Apparently, knitters make excellent wives! If you're planning too - check it out. They're talking about so many things and just recently talked me off a ledge when I had a mini-panic about Bridesmaid dresses.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Can You Believe They Belong To Me?

My two pals are just the best. I took this self portrait of the kiddos with me on a recent trip to Columbus to see my cousin get married. It was a great trip and these two were my best pals. I love these little punks. They're just so cool.

One has to wonder how they're related to me. Look at those blondie heads and blue, blue eyes. My very own brother is the spittin' image of these two. You wouldn't pick us out of a line up to be related. We're as different as different can be. He's gorgeous - Blondie hair, dreamy blue eyes and thin as a rail. I've got brown hair, hazel eyes and am the exact opposite of thin as a rail. We're not so close in age, but I can say this about my brother, just as I said it at his wedding ten years ago, he was always stronger than the monster beneath my bed. And that means, he rocks. He's still looking out for his punk-ass little sister. He's ok.

Guess things really do get passed down. R's already looking out for her punk little bro too.

They'll both be in our wedding next year and I can't wait to see them all spiffed up in their finest breaking it down on the dance floor, yo.

And they both just loooovvvee their Aunt Kris.

All the news that's fit to knit...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving the Work

My old office...

It's been a hell of a week. We've moved our offices from one location to another this week and it was rough. I'm not sure if you've ever moved your office, but if you have, you're shaking your head in sympathy for me. Packing up your files and information for a move causes chaos. Clients still want their work done and yet all of your information is being put into boxes and shipped off to the new location. You have to finally pack up your computer and you're gasp! without any connection to the Internet or email. has the world fallen apart while you've been packing up your desk accessories? How many post it notes did you really have in the back of your desk drawer? How many ketchup packets had you saved? Hmmmm...

Tomorrow is set up day - I have to check into our new building (first, I have to get myself to the new location...hello 95 North - gulp). I need to find all of the files, assemble my new bookcase, learn how to use the new telephone system and hook up the computer again. I'm not reaaaalllly looking forward to it.

In good news - I've got my sweetheart back with me after ten days of hateful separation. He's here and it just feels so good to have him in our home again.

In bad news - the Steelers are about lose their first game of the season and it's seriously bumming me out.

For now, it's all the news and there's been very little knit.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Steeler Sunday!

It's the best day of the week! It's Steeler Sunday! Where are your loved ones? Are they watching the game?

As a transplant from Pittsburgh to New York City, I have to say that the WORST part of living in New York is that I can't watch my beloved Steelers every Sunday.

This year, I signed up for the NFL Field Pass so that I can listen to all of the games on my computer. I get to listen to the Steel City Boys any time I can't see the game on TV (which happens a lot). If we ever move out of the city, we're so installing Direct TV so that I can always watch.

I've often told people here in NYC that when you are born in Pittsburgh, the doctor delivers you into a Terrible Towel, slaps you on the ass and declares you a Steeler fan. Odds are, your mom spent the last football season screaming her head off at the television and downing Pirmanti Bros sandwiches, so you were headed in this direction anyway.

Why do I love Pennsylvania so much? It's the people, really. I love that you can be anywhere in town and you might be talking about the game and the people around you will just jump in and talk about it too. You instantly have new friends. I love that people are kind and friendly and for the most part just want to be helpful. It's a place where people are usually in good moods when they're out in public and they just want to enjoy their afternoon. Here on the East Coast, it's dog eat dog and look out for number one. Pittsburgh has managed to hold on to its sense of community. I miss feeling like I belong to a town. Even in Central PA, people were kind and I could find Steeler fans around every corner.

I hope we make it back to PA some day. I'm so lonely for that sense of community and belonging. For now, I've turned my living room into a Steeler game - my Terrible Towel by my side.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Healthy Dose of Crazy

Chris is gone. Not forever - the engagement's still on, but he's left for home in North Carolina for the next ten days. Sigh. It's strange when the person you live with isn't around for several days. At first I had a tremendous amount of stress before he left - often staging small pouting sessions and maybe, just maybe, the words "doooonnnn'ttt gooooo" and "hhooowwww cannnn yyyoouuuu llleeaaaveee mmmeeeee?" were involved. I never said this was pretty. I have to take my hat off to my sweet southern boy, he's now officially signed on for a healthy dose of crazy by asking me to get married. Of course, none of this comes as a surprise as he's been wading through the crazy for the past seven years. I suppose that's why the following telephone conversation didn't make him lose stride at work on Thursday morning when I frantically phoned the following information in:

ME: (in a hushed and somewhat frantic whisper) the building is surrounded.

C: What? (sound of papers being shuffled on the desk in the background).

ME: The police have the building surrounded and there's a helocopter circiling.

C: Huh. What's happening?

ME: I'm not sure, but I peaked out of the window and then ran away 'cause I didn't want the cops to see me. Do you think that's suspicious? I'm not trying to be suspicious, but you know, I'm working from home today and I haven't exactly showered or changed out of my jammies yet.

C: I think it's fine.

ME: Wait - I can hear the lady down stairs if I strain and sit under the window - she says there was burglar. Crap. Spanish.

C: Right, well, lock the door.

ME: Um, do you think it's also suspicious behavior that before I called you I hid in the closet to put pants on?

C: (silence). Why on earth would you do that?

ME: Well, you know, those police helicopters can see through buildings and into windows and stuff and I didn't want them to see me in my jammies or my underwear, so after my conference call, I ran down to the guest room and put on my jeans in the closet. And then, maybe some lip gloss in the dark in the bathroom.

C: (silence) (shuffling of papers - typing on computer keys). Um, yeah, they can't see into the closet, you're ok. And, don't do that again.

ME: Maybe you should come home. There's a lot of police and what if I need something?

C: Why don't you go talk to them? They can tell you what's going on.

ME: Where the bad people are??? Down on the street? I don't think so, pal. If they need me, they can buzz the apartment. Do YOU HEAR the helicopter.

C: I do.

ME: You're not coming home, are you?

C: Nope. Have a great day sweetie and don't forget, you're driving me to the airport.

ME: Back to my post under the window sill to strain for information until it was time for the next conference call.

Yeah - a little dose of crazy, it's good for him. (Come home! I miss you! And I have to let the creepy Time Warner Guy in tomorrow alone!)

That's all the crazy news that's fit to knit.

PS - If you've read this and know my mother, might run into my mother or might think about calling my mother, please don't mention the words, cops, my building, or burgler. She just doesn't need to worry about it. Thanks!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Negative One

Today is my negative one anniversary! On this day, next year, I'll be getting married. It seems so close and yet, so very far away! I'm looking forward to the millions of fun things that are awaiting Chris and I in the next 365 days.

The wedding planning has hit a bit of a wall and it seems my ability to understand color is hindering all processes of planning. All of my bridesmaids have graciously agreed to be in the wedding and I'm so thankful that they'll be there next to me when I take this step. These girls have been with me for a lot of life's firsts, so I'm glad they'll be there for this one. The thing is, I'm trying to do right by these ladies. I'm totally against the following:

1. Putting them in any dress that has a giant butt bow.

2. Putting them in a color dress that resembles any of the following: puke, poop or pepto bismal.

3. Putting them in a color dress that they themselves put me in for their weddings (there aren't a ton of colors and most of my maids are really matrons - long married ladies...and I'm doing my best not to repeat).

Planning is fun, but this whole color palatte - which affects all of the colors of the wedding is a bit of a mystery to me.

For now - that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget

I remember when I finally got out of Manhattan six years ago this day and I was able to call Chris; I told him that we had to leave New York City. That I couldn't stand the thought of losing him or having to flee for my life from the city ever again. I had never feared for my life before and I was shaken to the core and so very sad, so very sorry for what had happened.

He said to me - no way. We stay put. And I was ready to plead with him that we find a way to get back to our small town homes and back to the families we love. But before I could plead, he said firmly, we're too old to be firemen, too old to join the military - the best thing we can do to fight this horrible act is to stay here - to say to the world that we're staying and this is our home and we won't be driven out, we won't live in fear, we're here. He was right. Everyday has been a small victory and I'm proud of the New Yorkers who have stayed. There will come a day that we'll leave New York, but it'll be on our own terms. It's our way of fighting and we'll never forget.

I'm so thankful that Chris helped me to find my courage to fight on that day. I'll always be grateful to him for that.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit. Now go hug a fireman.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Done Right


Just got an email from Knit Picks customer service. Not only were they sweet and apologetic, they offered to send replacement cables. Yay Knit Picks! I promise to blow some mad money at your site soon. I appreciate it so much when people do the right thing*.

*Unlike, you, you stupid Department of Corrections officer who tailed me through a construction zone, flashed your lights and whooped your siren at the poor guy trying not to kill the construction worker and screamed at the guy in the cement truck (who I think was trying to avoid actually dripping concrete on the front of my car while I tried not to be rear ended by you!) You caused so much stress on the BQE this morning that I hope you just found out that you have to work a double this weekend.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to Knit! And I'll be knitting it with my Options again soon!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Sad End of the Needle

The sadness in pictures. See that? That is my broken heart. Ok, not so much my heart, but it has broken my heart tonight as not one, but two of my Knit Picks Options cables have died. Thing is, I've never used the small one and used the larger one only once.
These are my FAVORITE needles. They are sharp and I have the complete kit (given by C. on my last birthday). The last thing knitted on them -as promised - was this baby sweater:

This is the Five Hour Baby Sweater - it takes a little longer than that, but let me tell you, this is an awesome pattern. Knitters are so smart! This is knitted from the top down and is knitted in one piece with only the sleeves to sew up. I have enjoyed knitting this sweater on a few occasions and this sweater is for Jenna - the new baby from Jen & Adam. It's safe to post here as Jen is not a regular reader of the old blog.

Back to the saddest story... out of all of these needles - not a single size ten to save my current sweater project. I've been reduced to holding the stitches on a light up needle - you've seen those, right? I've received two pairs as gag gifts and I can see the good they can do (and the fun they provide the first time you pretend its your light saber), but I have to say, I've never actually knitted with them. I have them in size 8 & 10.5.

Sigh. Sad knitter.

I thought about trying this and then decided against it and sent Knit Picks an email asking what to do. If you've delt with their customer service department, will you kindly leave me a comment or send me an email and tell me how it went? I'd appreciate it.

The back of the sweater - a happier ending. I want to send off my friend Dani's baby's sweater that I knit for her 'cause you've got to see Hailey - a sweet little girl who I can't wait to meet. Dani, send me your address, I've got to send your sweater so we can show both Hailey and the sweater off here!

I'm soothing my sorrows by laughing along with back issues of this blog. This woman is living a life I've often thought I would love to live. I like that she's willing to take us along on her journey as a woman living on a real, modern day working cattle ranch. She's great with a camera, a witty writer and she cooks! It's a lot of fun and I give it a big ole recommendation for regular reading.
For now, sad knitters, that's all the news we wish we could knit!



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back Home, Back To The Grind

We had a true labor day this year with our dear friend Jen going into early labor and delivering her dear, sweet baby, Jenna, to the world on September 1st. Mom, Dad & Baby are all well. We rushed to New Haven to meet our newest friend and spent the day and night helping out the new little family. What a joy! A picture of the sweetest baby sweater ever will be posted tonight for your viewing pleasure. I knit it in a hurry waiting to hear the final news - my hands have just now forgiven me. To be honest, this was a really fun sweater pattern - more on that later tonight.

I'm back at work and we're moving. New office space for us in October means sorting through years and years of crap that has accumulated here in my office. I'm also carrying a full load of work for two companies. How can one person feel so busy? Actually, it's just how I like it.

While I was home in PA - my cousin Brad got married. Sigh. It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom were glowing with happiness. There was a little excitement with the flower girl and the running up and down the aisle screaming with glee, but otherwise, really, nothing but happy romantic happiness. It was so good to be with that side of my family too - I'd missed my father's family. It's too easy to grow apart without him holding us all together. I hope that these weddings aren't the only times that we get together.

While I was actually in Pittsburgh, I visited three reception venues and chose Mountain View Inn as the location for the biggest party of our lives. It's a historical Inn of America, built in 1924. I love this location and the people on staff made me feel really important and special. It's amazing what a well timed thank you note will get you these days! Thanks to my new wedding coordinator at MVI, we'll have the time of our lives, I'm sure of it.

Another big item was checked off of the wedding "To-Do List" - I bought my dress! Wooo! Chris will sometimes read this blog, so no notes on it here, but I can tell you the following:
1. I hadn't intended to buy my dress so early. I was just looking with mom to see if we saw anything interesting.
2. It was the third dress I put on.
3. It looks awful on the hanger.
4. It makes me feel pretty and I really love that.
Pictures later, for now - that's all the news that fit to knit!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Country Roads Are Taking Me Home

I'm headed home to PA tomorrow morning, so things will be a little quiet around here. It's time for wedding planning and attending weddings and so on and so.

Knitting on the road? Socks, of course. I've been trying to do some spinning because this past Saturday I met a fantastic spinner (more on her to come) and I got my first roving! Pictures of such fantastic acquisitions are forthcoming.

But for now, dear knitters adieu. I hope your weeks are filled with fiber happiness.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Knitted News

Knitting! I did promise some knits for this blog. I'll tell ya, the summer has been unforgettable for me. The engagement is of course at the top of the list, but I've also knitted some really memorable socks, I've been hanging out with some great friends and traveling to some great places here in the US. What else can you ask for from a summer?

The sock to the left is a little summer sock that I knitted up - I used Wendy's toe up pattern, threw in the stripes and finishing touches from my own brain. I love them! I'm about 1/2 through finishing the second sock. I'm also working on:

The 5 hour baby sweater. This is for a friend's baby to come. I just can't seem to find the time to really concentrate on cranking this out. Of course, babies tend to move deadlines along, don't they? I love the vibrant colors of this yarn. It's a nice clean cotton that can easily be tossed into the wash. Mother's every where can rejoice!

For now, I'm off to the air conditioning and that means that this is all the news that's fit to knit, for now!

Plans Unraveled

Oh Lordy,lordy,lordy! My Ravelry invitation arrived!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sorry, Sorry - I know You're ALL Mad...

Dear Park Slope Knitters:
On Saturday, it was me who purchased the very last copy of this book from the 7th Avenue Barnes & Noble. I held it in my hands debating purchasing the last copy and then I high tailed it out of the knitting section and up to the magazine rack to pick up a copy of the new Interweave Knits Issue and the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniv. Issue... but if you order it in, they usually get them very quickly.

I don't much sound like the kind of girl who's supposed to be saving every penny towards a wedding, does she? I swear, with the exception of the upcoming purchase of enough yarn to make one of the sweaters in this book, I am SAVING! Oh, I am trying to save money.

So I've been diligently working on my wedding planning. I've lined up three places to visit for reception venues. Two hotels and one country club. Let me tell you, everyone around me is so tired of any talk about the wedding. People don't want to hear about it, they don't want to talk to you about it - it's all kinds of general eye rolling in the greater New York area. I want to make it clear that I really don't think I'm going on and on every minute of the day. I'm usually pretty good at finding internal AND external fault and I'm just not doing too badly with this. But none-the-less I am officially planning on internalizing all of my wedding planning. I will write about it a bit here, but talking about it is just about out 'cause this sister can not take the eye rolling, people. Pluh-lease with the eye rolling.

Knitting is going to updated later tonight with more on this book, a picture of the sorbet socks and some more ideas here and there. Tonight - no wedding talk. Zip. Zip. Just come to the wedding to see what has been planned!

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The rest of the story

This is right after we came back to the house after getting engaged. We were waaaay out in the country when Chris proposed and we'd just rode back on a four-wheeler through mud, wearing helmets, etc... so we're not looking our best and our photographer had posed us with our arms linked - which was hugely uncomfortable. I tell you all of this by way of an explanation of our looking a bit confused - but can you see how happy we both are?
See the toasting glasses? My very thoughtful Sister-in-Law bought those for us and brought them (remember, the whole family was in on the surprise) as well as with several bottles of champagne. It was a big celebration! I had many, many glasses full!

This is the road that led us out to our engagement spot. Pennsylvania is so much more than just my home - its beauty overwhelms me. I can't imagine what my grandfather thought when he first found the acres that would come to be our family's special vacation spot.
40 years ago he bought this piece of land that would in later years become the meeting place of our family for generations. He made a place in the world for us that would see not only my engagement, but the engagement of my Aunt and Uncle, my Mom and Dad and one of my cousins. It is a place where all of the children in our family have been bathed in the kitchen sink - starting with my brother. It is full of friendly ghosts of my childhood. It is a place where we bring only our most cherished friends and it is still a place where we all come together to share and laugh and visit with each other. Can you repay that kind of gift? Does he know what the trees know? Some of those trees have been there since the civil war. These trees and these roads are the very fabric of my family - they know what we know - that sharing these moments together is what means the most to all of us. They provide the comfort and the quiet that we all need when the rest of the world squeezes a little too hard.
Thanks, Pop. Thank you for giving us this rare gift of a steadfast place to keep our family together forever. Even now that you and granny have gone on - we come here and we remember and we carry on the love and the lives that you provided for us. Thank you so very much.
All the news, that's fit to knit.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It went a little something like this:

So the weekend was good. Guess what?

It was all a big set up so that Chris could ask me to marry him!

I said yes!

I'm engaged!

The entire trip to my family cabin - which started out as a birthday trip for Chris and evolved into our "parents meeting" and then evolved into our brother's and their entire families coming along ended with me in a mountain top meadow - being proposed to. And every single member of the family knew about it. My sweet Christopher gave everyone a role to play in getting me to the right place at the right time - and I've come to find out that my family can lie to me with such precision that it's scary!

When we came back from the proposal spot, our families were waiting outside of the cabin cheering for us. There were tears, there was champagne, there was laughter and good food and tons of stories being told. We even had birthday cake. It was everything I would've wanted had I known it was happening. All of our loved ones were there to celebrate with us - it was the most beautiful day of my entire life. Chris gave me priceless memories for our engagement - what a way to start this wedding journey. It was a good day.

So - the knitting is a tiny bit slow for the next few days as we share the news, start the first of the plans, etc... Stick with me - there might be some wedding talk here too.

Oh - and to my fellow Steelers knitters: I just found out that you can rent Heinz field for your wedding reception. Too much?

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Have We Lost Our Minds - Or Are We Just Crazy? Huh?

The weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying the wonderful feeling of not working and of not actually thinking about work while we weren't working. It felt like a true summer weekend when the whole day stretches in front of you and you're free to do anything you like - instead of time hurling toward you and right past you in the blink of an eye. I love the Country Time Lemonade commercials about lazy summer days and I think back to my own childhood when summer days stretched endlessly and we lay around at the summer house just watching clouds, chasing butterflies or water skiing on Yough Lake.

This weekend Chris and I have invited both our families (Parents and siblings with their families) to my favorite place on earth - the summer cabin that my grandfather built 38 years ago. It's shared by mom and her brother and next weekend I get to introduce a new dynamic in the family because of my relationship with Chris.

I'm really looking forward to hanging out on the giant porch - grilling dinner out and just melding my family and Chris'. We hope it goes well. Nine people - and seven people dropping by at different times is going to make the quiet little trip a bit crazy and I can't wait. Of course there's tons to do in my home state of PA. Fallingwater, Ohiopyle, and the winery (which all of those above the age of 21 are stoked for!)

All in all - I can't wait for the weekend - it's my first real time as a host. I'm planning all of the food and providing everyone with shelter and fun. I can't wait to see my mom who's planning to help me with everything. How could I possibly survive without my mom? She's just the most understanding and lovely person on the planet. A true peace-keeper. My mom should really be in charge of the world - she'd solve a lot of the bull crap.

Ok -I'm off. I'll try to upload knitting content tonight. I've finished quite a bit and made the cutest tennis sock you have ever seen (I'll cast on for sock #2 tonight!) And I've got some E-Z baby sweater plans for a friend who's shower is coming right up!

For Now, That's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We're Baaaackkk

If anyone at all is still reading this blog - thank you so much! I've finally just finished the craziest few weeks of my working career. If I never repeat that time in my life, I'll really be ok. Have you ever been in the 14th hour of working - having been awake at 5:00 am only to discover that it's freaking 83 degrees at that awful time of day and you're wilting in your suit in your non-air conditioned New York City living room that has been on the planet since before the war and find yourself still trying to drink a hot cup of coffee because, well, you know what you're like without caffeine on a normal day - and you think oh shit, I'm tired and my feet may never forgive me for being in heels for this freaking long? Yeah, me too. For the last three weeks. Sad.

Anyway - in the moments when I wasn't working or sleeping I somehow found a way to eat and knit and I finished my blue monkey socks and totally screwed up my Clapotis and decided that I didn't care - the mistake - which is, well, offensive to say the least shall stay in the work as a reminder that I conquered this time in my life.

The rest of July means normal work and a weekend away at our family Cabin in the woods for Chris' birthday and in August a vacation to see a cousin get married. Can't wait at all! It's too much! Time off is a beautiful dream.

If you want to book a meeting with my company, please have a heart and schedule it for September - I just can't give up my time off in August! (but seriously, send the check, we'll get you on the schedule!)

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's What's Happening

This is what hopped into my hands during a recent visit to Purl. I just couldn't help myself and according to the rules of knit from your stash, sock yarn doesn't here we are...sidelined by socks. Again.

One sock is done and its mate has been cast on for. Oh I do love you!

Even on the swift, I love it!

Things have been quiet around here - I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to really do anything fun. Knitting has been my sole source of entertainment in moments that I'm not working or sleeping. On the Fourth of July, I celebrated with no fewer that 3 naps during the day - after sleeping in. That's a lot of sleep for anyone. I worked from home today and though I haven't had any naps - I probably wouldn't be adverse to one had an opportunity presented itself.

Next week is a big week for me. I've got a three day meeting and Monday and Friday I'll be the only person running the shop for our company. On top of that, I've got to pull off three full website builds and a redesign and I've got to maintatain my ten other clients. It's a lot for a girl to handle. I somehow found time to design a little logo for the football along that I want to send to the organizer there. If you're a football lover then I really encourage you to go sign up for the Football Knit Along. I've heard rumors of a potential fantasy football leauge made up of knitters! Ohhh doggie! I have no idea how that works and I'm just wondering if I can draft only Steeler players 'cause hey, this girl's loyal to the Steel City.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kindred Spirits

I'm still alive - barely. Ok, ok that's a total dramatization, but I feel like being dramatic. Last week was a lot of work, but I also got to see Pat for the week (awesome to see you, pal). This week I'm fighting the people who are working on my car, a cranky client who doesn't like to answer questions (apparently he's looking for a mind reader) and I'm getting ready for a July program that will be fun (this client is always fun), but three days of some challenges. Weee...we're so busy in the office - so much is happening. And July 4th is on a Wednesday this year - which really sucks, 'cause this year, we really could've used a three day weekend right about now. :)

I've got pictures to show you! I made a little stop over at Purl after Chris and I visited MoCCa on Saturday and I've started another pair of socks. I need a new sock pattern that's cool - I'm looking...

But really, those pictures are coming this weekend - in the mean time, might I point out that there are two new knit along buttons in the sidebar. I've found a group of kindred spirits - a group of knitting Steelers fans (we all know how much I love my home town) and a group of football fans (we all know how much I looooove football). These new friends will make the football season even more fun (who knew it could be anymore fun than it already is?) I'm really excited.

For now, lunch break is almost over - so pictures in a day or two. I did create this button for the Black & Gold knit along in case anyone wants one -
I'll offer it to the knit along creator first. For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gotta Get Up 'Cause I Gotta Go to Work

'Cause I gotta go to bed so I can get back up and do it all over again....

That song is running through my mind on a loop right now. I am working all of the time right now. I've got more big projects for work than ever right now and if I can survive past July 12th, I'll be a happy girl.

Right now it's just before bed and I'm watching my favorite show Deadliest Catch on DVR and hanging with my sweetheart. Soon - I can shut off the world for a few hours and I can rest my keyboard weary hands.

The Monkey is off my back and I have some beautiful socks as a result. I'm still plugging away on the Clapotis, but it's hot and that thing is a damn big woolly sitting on my lap at the moment. I want to find another fun sock to knit in between.

For now, say a prayer that July 12th gets here quick, quick, quick. And that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Monkey's Sox

As promised here are my Monkey Socks:

Here's the front view:

I didn't get to finish the first socks - I'm five decrease rounds from grafting the toe closed because my mom was very, very, very chatty on the phone tonight and I didn't have access to my hands free set. Lord knows that lady's given up a lot for me in bringing me up, so I didn't mind that these will probably be closed up tomorrow morning / evening between that darned thing called work.

I also picked up a new hair cut over the holiday weekend. Chop, chop. You might remember from earlier posts that I had hair down to my shoulders. I went for a change in a big way and I really like it. Judge for yourself:

Here's the hair from the back - I'm digging those natural curls!

I haven't ever had hair this short, but I'm loving it as the temps really start pumping up this Spring / Summer. I get out of the shower, shove some gel in there and through the miracle of life it comes out looking like it did when I left the salon.

I also want to give a shout out of congratulations to one of my best girlfriends, Danielle - she and her husband Mark had a beautiful baby girl this weekend - welcome to the world, Hailey Rose. When Dani's feeling up to it, I'll get her to send a picture to post. What makes you smile more than cute new babies? Maybe puppies are a close second, but I just know that Hailey Rose is beautiful - I look forward to showering her with a knitted surprise!

Tonight, I'm off to bed and that's all the news that's fit to knit!

PS - no cracks about my need for a pedicure!

Monkey's Original!

I'm counting the hours down until I am free from work to be home and knitting some Monkey socks. There's a reason why everyone's on the bus, people. Get with it, get your ticket and get on. Monkey Socks are a blast to knit. Pictures to come tonight.

In the mean time, check this little gem out:

According to the US Census, I am THE ONLY PERSON LIVING in AMERICA with my first and last name. I am an American original! If I marry Chris, 38 other people would have my first name and his last name...that decides it - we're so taking my last name.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Warsh Rag - A Distraction

I've taken a small break from The Clapotis and was seduced by the Warsh Rag from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

In my native Pittsburgh, Warsh is a word that actually lives in the vocabulary of many of the residents. I remember as a kid that my next door neighbor used the word warsh with some regularity. I also remember my mother pulling me off to the side of our kitchen one afternoon, bracing me by both of my arms and telling me that I would never ever use that word again. I think she was preparing me for my future as a person with a degree in English. Thanks mom, I've never used it again - until this post.

This has been a fun little knit and easy as all get out. I love bands and I love the colors of the Kitchen Cotton yarn that I picked. I'm not sure if this will make it into my linen closet or become a spit up rag for one of my soon-to-be parent friends. We'll see. I'll certainly be making this pattern again - it's a nice break from the miles of stockinette stitch that I've been making with The Clapotis (it is fun to drop those stitches, but you only get to do that once in a 12-stitch pattern repeat that you actually re-do 13 times).

We're off to see Spidey 3 at the Ziegfeld this afternoon. How could you see it anywhere else? And then we're off to a cast party for Chris' show - back out to Brooklyn Heights. We'll be on the run in some crappy weather, but we'll together. We haven't spent a lot of time together in the last few months, so I'm happy that we'll have a day together.

In the rest of knitting news - I'm in need of doing the final finishing touches on one baby gift and getting it out the door to a girl friend and then I need to get started on another. And I think I've found a nice little summer sweater I want to knit in the new issue of Creative Knitting - something to keep the chill off on cool evenings and in air conditioned offices.
For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Have you see this? It's addicting to watch! Pictures flashing from all over the world? Yes please!

And knitted motorcycles? Oh yeah, baby:
Theresa Honeywell is pretty cool.

That's all the news that's fit to knit.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Catch Up - with pictures

So the room was cleaned (nice, eh?). Well, I did change the curtains (see below) and I added a rug (hey! It was on sale at Target for $12 - you can't pass that up - can you? So Chris' parents did not have to skirt death by smothering from our piles of clutter. I think they enjoyed the room.

another view...

With the new curtains (love these - I double curtained so that our neighbors across the way aren't getting a good show everyday).

As for knitting -- well, here are the socks: I don't love the yarn, but I'm so glad I got the chance to try it out. Thanks Nancy! I'll be sending you the picture and a note soon too. I used Wendy's toe up pattern here and the yarn is Cascade Fixation. Lots of stretch - but a little hard on the hands.

And now I've started my first Clapotis. I'm not sure what yarn I'm using. I got a HUGE cone of this at a Park Slope yard sale last summer and since you need a crap load of yarn for the Clapotis, I thought this would work. I love the color and I love the dropped stitches. I'm double stranding it with this yarn as its weight is pretty light. I figured this would make for the best look. I think (gasp) that I may have been right!

My new adventure as provided by Chris' mom is this handy new drop spindle. This is "The Schacht" Hi-Lo Spindle. She also got me my first spinning book - so now I just need to score some roving and I'll be making my own yarn! That's just too cool for school!

Thanks Ginger!

Soooo that's the update. Thanks to Darren for the kind and funny comment to the last post (dude - I totally have to get back on IM and catch up - it's been wild lately)!

Things are stressful as I've said. Work has been crazier than normal and home has been rocked a bit too. Chris' last show is tonight and I'll be glad to have him home again. He really helps me balance the stress of life. Oh - and that lucky little duck met the actor who plays Ben on Lost today (he came to see Chris' show and turns out that they have a mutual friend). They talked about me - me! I'm over the moon - I loooove the show Lost, so I was stoked and totally jealous.

Big things are coming in these weeks. One of my best friends in the world is having her baby, Hailey in about two weeks. Dani, if you're reading this - go relax and put your feet up! And my friend Jenn is cooking up a baby girl too. So I've got lots of knitting to do here for my new little nieces and future best girl friends.

For now, I'm indulging in knitting on the Clap - eating some Ben & Jerry's and watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. I got it as a little present to myself on Friday afternoon.

For now, that's all the news that fit to Knit!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Updating Overdueness

Okay, okay - I promised to write ages ago - forgive me. I owe a bunch of people phone calls and emails and hugs and I'm planning on catching up over the course of the next week. So if I owe ya, know that the love is coming and how much I love ya!

Work has been very, very stressful - I'm not allowed to talk about it, so we'll leave it at this: I'll be fine and all will be good but we're going to stress for a while more.

The other big event was Chris' parental visit. They aren't my in-laws, but I do love them very much and the visit was quite nice. Have any of you had someone else's family come to live with you for five days? No matter how cool you all are - it totally freaks you out. Chris is from the south and I am from the north. I am now totally sure that there are real and true differences in cultures.

For example, I have been raised (as have my parents, their parents, my friends from the north, etc...) that when you go to someone's house you are to exercise the utmost of polietness. This doesn't mean that you aren't relaxed and enjoying yourself, but it does mean that you never, ever help yourself to anything. We always ask. Always, always, always - like, "Hey Sue, would you mind if I got myself a glass of water?" -- See, we don't ask someone to wait on us, but rather we ask if it's ok to help ourselves. This allows Sue to say, "Of course, please help yourself." or if Sue doesn't want your eyes in her kitchen cabinets it allows her to say "Of course, let me get it for you." You get what you want: A glass of water and Sue gets what she wants: to keep you out of her messy cabinents. See? Everyone is happy. I'm starting to suspect that in the south everyone belongs to one heaping big family and that their casa is su casa and the reverse and such. Us uptight northerners can find our OCD acting up when those polite choices are taken away from us.

But really, the visit was lovely and long and Chris' show, The Sea is fantastic (see awesome review in the New York Freaking Times) was awesome. I'm so proud of him!
Knitting - I finished the summer socks and need to send Nancy a picture and post to here. I'm also making excellent progress on my first Clapotis - which I'm stoked about. So maybe I can get my butt moving tonight and get some darned pictures on this site about some knitting.
Oh - and Chris' mom got me my first drop spindle - I'm over the moon. I just need to learn and buy some roving... any suggestions?

For now - back to work. That's all the news that's fit to knit.