Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's What's Happening

This is what hopped into my hands during a recent visit to Purl. I just couldn't help myself and according to the rules of knit from your stash, sock yarn doesn't here we are...sidelined by socks. Again.

One sock is done and its mate has been cast on for. Oh I do love you!

Even on the swift, I love it!

Things have been quiet around here - I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to really do anything fun. Knitting has been my sole source of entertainment in moments that I'm not working or sleeping. On the Fourth of July, I celebrated with no fewer that 3 naps during the day - after sleeping in. That's a lot of sleep for anyone. I worked from home today and though I haven't had any naps - I probably wouldn't be adverse to one had an opportunity presented itself.

Next week is a big week for me. I've got a three day meeting and Monday and Friday I'll be the only person running the shop for our company. On top of that, I've got to pull off three full website builds and a redesign and I've got to maintatain my ten other clients. It's a lot for a girl to handle. I somehow found time to design a little logo for the football along that I want to send to the organizer there. If you're a football lover then I really encourage you to go sign up for the Football Knit Along. I've heard rumors of a potential fantasy football leauge made up of knitters! Ohhh doggie! I have no idea how that works and I'm just wondering if I can draft only Steeler players 'cause hey, this girl's loyal to the Steel City.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

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