Friday, October 05, 2007

Can You Believe They Belong To Me?

My two pals are just the best. I took this self portrait of the kiddos with me on a recent trip to Columbus to see my cousin get married. It was a great trip and these two were my best pals. I love these little punks. They're just so cool.

One has to wonder how they're related to me. Look at those blondie heads and blue, blue eyes. My very own brother is the spittin' image of these two. You wouldn't pick us out of a line up to be related. We're as different as different can be. He's gorgeous - Blondie hair, dreamy blue eyes and thin as a rail. I've got brown hair, hazel eyes and am the exact opposite of thin as a rail. We're not so close in age, but I can say this about my brother, just as I said it at his wedding ten years ago, he was always stronger than the monster beneath my bed. And that means, he rocks. He's still looking out for his punk-ass little sister. He's ok.

Guess things really do get passed down. R's already looking out for her punk little bro too.

They'll both be in our wedding next year and I can't wait to see them all spiffed up in their finest breaking it down on the dance floor, yo.

And they both just loooovvvee their Aunt Kris.

All the news that's fit to knit...

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Mark said...

It is clear to me that you are all related... look at that photo again. You all have EXACTLY the same smile!