Monday, November 05, 2007

Lake George - Who's it Named After? No one on Lake George Knows...

This is why it's been so quiet around here. No, Chris and I did not run away and elope (though I think he might consider it at this point - he's past the point of no return with the wedding fodder). Rather, we spent the weekend at The Sagamore Hotel on Lake George. It's a little perk of my job that I sometimes get to go on free weekends to resorts. I used to go out of the country, but since I've gotten older, I find I'm much more of a homebody and would rather stay right where home is when the weekend rolls around. But when an offer came in that I could take Chris with me for the weekend, I pounced on it. We took off for Bolton's Landing, NY after work on Friday and by 8:30 PM, we were tucked into a rustic pub at the hotel, sucking down New England Clam Chowder on the banks of Lake George. It was great fun.

Getting out of the city for a while helped me focus on some things that had been weighing me down. I got to thinking about friends and family; about letting go and stepping up. Somewhere while strolling through the Autumn leaves, I found time to forgive myself for some past aggressions. Let's just say, I left a bit of baggage on the shores of Lake George. I returned to the city feeling as shiny as a bright copper penny.

We all carry around regrets and I might just be the queen of that particular occupation. I carry it all around, down to the off handed comment that I made that hurt someones feelings in 1983. I finally just let it go. I just released the guilt for things I can no longer change and pledged to myself that I'd try to reduce the opportunity for regret as much as possible going forward. It's a good thing to do - to try and balance your emotions enough to allow yourself to actually like yourself.

So, the trip was productive and it was fun. Chris and I spent two hours over a bottle of wine, a cheese sampling plate, fruit and a view of the water. We chatted and laughed and slowly got drunk - something neither of us has done in a good long time. It was a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon in up state NY. The trees were alive with their dying color and the quiet seemed to go on for miles and miles. It was the perfect end to a lovely day.

No knitting - too much growing and driving going on. But there are things on the needles. I'll haul out the camera (I forgot the digital during the trip - I've got to get Rite Aid to make me a cd from the disposable camera I bought) and show you how the yarn farm yarn is getting its start.
For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

PS - Steelers rock the Monday Night HOUSE!

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