Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back Home, Back To The Grind

We had a true labor day this year with our dear friend Jen going into early labor and delivering her dear, sweet baby, Jenna, to the world on September 1st. Mom, Dad & Baby are all well. We rushed to New Haven to meet our newest friend and spent the day and night helping out the new little family. What a joy! A picture of the sweetest baby sweater ever will be posted tonight for your viewing pleasure. I knit it in a hurry waiting to hear the final news - my hands have just now forgiven me. To be honest, this was a really fun sweater pattern - more on that later tonight.

I'm back at work and we're moving. New office space for us in October means sorting through years and years of crap that has accumulated here in my office. I'm also carrying a full load of work for two companies. How can one person feel so busy? Actually, it's just how I like it.

While I was home in PA - my cousin Brad got married. Sigh. It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom were glowing with happiness. There was a little excitement with the flower girl and the running up and down the aisle screaming with glee, but otherwise, really, nothing but happy romantic happiness. It was so good to be with that side of my family too - I'd missed my father's family. It's too easy to grow apart without him holding us all together. I hope that these weddings aren't the only times that we get together.

While I was actually in Pittsburgh, I visited three reception venues and chose Mountain View Inn as the location for the biggest party of our lives. It's a historical Inn of America, built in 1924. I love this location and the people on staff made me feel really important and special. It's amazing what a well timed thank you note will get you these days! Thanks to my new wedding coordinator at MVI, we'll have the time of our lives, I'm sure of it.

Another big item was checked off of the wedding "To-Do List" - I bought my dress! Wooo! Chris will sometimes read this blog, so no notes on it here, but I can tell you the following:
1. I hadn't intended to buy my dress so early. I was just looking with mom to see if we saw anything interesting.
2. It was the third dress I put on.
3. It looks awful on the hanger.
4. It makes me feel pretty and I really love that.
Pictures later, for now - that's all the news that fit to knit!

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