Sunday, September 23, 2007

Steeler Sunday!

It's the best day of the week! It's Steeler Sunday! Where are your loved ones? Are they watching the game?

As a transplant from Pittsburgh to New York City, I have to say that the WORST part of living in New York is that I can't watch my beloved Steelers every Sunday.

This year, I signed up for the NFL Field Pass so that I can listen to all of the games on my computer. I get to listen to the Steel City Boys any time I can't see the game on TV (which happens a lot). If we ever move out of the city, we're so installing Direct TV so that I can always watch.

I've often told people here in NYC that when you are born in Pittsburgh, the doctor delivers you into a Terrible Towel, slaps you on the ass and declares you a Steeler fan. Odds are, your mom spent the last football season screaming her head off at the television and downing Pirmanti Bros sandwiches, so you were headed in this direction anyway.

Why do I love Pennsylvania so much? It's the people, really. I love that you can be anywhere in town and you might be talking about the game and the people around you will just jump in and talk about it too. You instantly have new friends. I love that people are kind and friendly and for the most part just want to be helpful. It's a place where people are usually in good moods when they're out in public and they just want to enjoy their afternoon. Here on the East Coast, it's dog eat dog and look out for number one. Pittsburgh has managed to hold on to its sense of community. I miss feeling like I belong to a town. Even in Central PA, people were kind and I could find Steeler fans around every corner.

I hope we make it back to PA some day. I'm so lonely for that sense of community and belonging. For now, I've turned my living room into a Steeler game - my Terrible Towel by my side.

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Darren said...

It's kinda nice to live in Ohio - since two of our divisional rivals are in state. So there's a good chance I'll get to see the Bengals/Steelers and Browns/Steelers games.

Of course, it's even nice to have a friend with NFL Sunday ticket. And he's a Bears fans, so the schedules don't overlap very frequently.

ALSO - just this year, one of our radio stations changed to sports talk radio, and it's part of the Steelers Radio Network. So I can listen to the game if all else fails.

I'm glad the Steelers won this last one, but they weren't impressing me throughout most of the game. They only turned it up near the end.