Saturday, December 15, 2007

OTBKB's Top 100!

I'd been meaning to post the OTBKB's Top 100 here . Of all of the places to have to live in New York City, I'd say Park Slope is probably the best. It has a neighborhood feel that foks are really trying to hold on to - a slippery grip on "normal" in a city that is anything but normal. Folks are pretty nice here and there's a good ratio of dogs to kids and there might be more dogs than kids, which makes it a quieter neighborhood, really.

A lot of things on the top 100 are favs of mine too - left off, Dog Beach at Prospect Park, because it's my happy place when NYC really sucks. Oh, and that little hole in the wall that makes the doghnuts on seventh avenue - fresh doghnuts everyday. There's a nice man there who always gives me an extra doughnut, even though we both know I really don't need it. And the new kitchen store that just opened up on the back side of Applewood - I haven't bought anything there, but I want to buy everything there (a rather dangerous comination). And Russo's where the bread and pasta are fresh and the homemade mozzerlla is the best!

Things on the list I agree with:

"PATTY AND BOB LENARTZ because as owners of Slope Cellars you are always ready to give back and are generous and kind. Experts at the "cheap and tasty" category, you are never pretentious and always dog friendly" - We love this wine store. It helps Slopers remember that Park Slope doesn't really end at 15th street.

"PIZZA PLUS and ROZ because after a fire destroyed your South Slope pizza restaurant, you rose from the ashes and created something even more wonderful. Roz, you are a fabulous community minded person and hard working merchant of the mom and pop variety." - And you make a mean pasta and the best chicken marsala sandwich in the world!

Anyway, you get the idea, read the Top 100 and shop in Park Slope, even though I couldn't this year (trust me, Slope, you've gotten a lot of Yarnal Knowledge mooola over the years!)

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

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