Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer of Scarves?

I think I've started a summer of scarves! I'm just really into these lovely little projects all of a sudden. I've been through hats and socks and sweaters (though not very successfully) and I just feel this pull to be knitting scarves. So here I am...

Three beautiful scarves in the hold - and the above on the needles. I'm just going and going...and during the wedding planning, I think I need to have projects where I can memorize the pattern and knit without thinking too much (just enough to keep my minds off of the planning) and I need to be able finishing things - that's important too.

We hit the details - here's what my wedding bouquet should look like...I think. It's a little fuzzy - our flower lady was moving pretty fast...

Till later, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're Home!

If only my clients would learn to read, we wouldn’t have to call most of these people back!

Content later today - tomorrow at the latest. For now, I'm trying to clean out my sad, sad inbox.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Word is Out!

Well, we’ve found our way to Thursday, haven’t we? The weeks are blowing past me at a pace I’m having trouble keeping up with. Tuesday marked exactly four months out until the wedding day. I’m both thrilled and ready for it to be over.

Chris and I have been together for 7+ years now – dating for a longer period of time than some of my married girlfriends have even known their husbands. And while I’m looking forward to the wedding, I simultaneously uncomfortable with the attention.

In the last ten years I’ve grown from a very confident and outgoing person, to a person who is love with routine. I think when your life gets turned up-side down you learn to error towards caution. I’ve become the kind of gal who likes to know what’s coming and to prepare for it. I think that’s a big part of the reason why I hate living in New York City so much, this city is unforgiving and tends to change on you in a snap. For a gal who likes to plan, it’s not the best combination. As an aside, I recently told C. that NYC and I have a true brother and sister relationship; its fine for me to bag on the city, but not for other to bag on the city. Funny how NYC can become a part of you…

The wedding begins to hit its stride next weekend when C. and I head into PGH for a massive three day planning binge. Over the course of Friday and Saturday we will be:

* Tasting and choosing a cake
* Meeting with the Preacher
* Tasting and choosing the menu for the reception
* Trying on and picking the tuxes
* Meeting with the Florist
* Designing the church decorations
* Picking the invitation and ordering it
* Picking the seating cards, programs, etc…
* Deciding on the wording of everything going into print including the dreaded and all important driving directions.
* Seeing Indiana Jones – ‘cause my mom is dying to go!

We’ll also be hitting some favorite sites (read: places to eat) that we never get to hit while living in NYC: the best ever: Eat n Park and we’ve all be jonesing for a trip to the Red Lobster. So – our bellies will be full and for the love of all things good PLEASE let my wedding dress fit and not make me look like a cheap hooker or a hooker of any kind, really.

We got the rings – wanna see???

Knitting pictures tomorrow! For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sucked In - the Wii has taken over the house!

I've been totally sucked in by the Wii that whole time. Ok, the Wii and the wedding have been the major time suck over the last few weeks.

I've never been a big video game fan. In fact, my FH is a gamer and there have been times that I've wanted to kick his Wow loving butt off the computer, but the Wii is different. I think it's because I feel like I'm actually in the game. When my brother got an Atari when we were kids, I was entertained by games like Frogger and Pac Man for about a day - I just hated sitting there - pushing buttons. So I grew up and got myself a job sitting in front of a computer, pushing buttons and I still don't like online games or x-box games, fact, Chris got me to play the Sims once and within ten minutes I accidentally caught my Sims house on fire and they all burned to death. It was a total accident. A combination of no cooking lessons, no phone and my inability to make them leave the house put me off of that game for life.

With the Wii - I'm swinging at the tennis ball like I'm playing tennis, I'm bowling like I'm in the sixth grade at the Monroe-bowl before it was turned into a Syms (no pun intended - it really is a Syms now). We bought the Olympic games game and I love it - I feel like I'm really playing a long and my Mii even looks like me! It's awesome. If you haven't found one - keep checking the Wii Tracker. They should be available soon and I think it's totally worth it.

The wedding has been center stage - today is the four month mark. This month kicks off trips home for planning and a summer full of wedding showers. We're so freaking lucky to know so many awesome people.

We bought wedding rings - pictures tomorrow, the camera is in the bedroom and I'm seriously about to go bowl a coupla frames.

Knitting?? Oh, yeah, well - a new scarf on the needles and new sock yarn in the house, so we've got some knitting to do. Like I said, pictures tomorrow, so see you then!

Till then, that's all the news that's fit to knit.