Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm just back from Naples, FL for a work conference and I've come to realize (yet again) that mama's not a jet setter anymore. When I took my first job in New York City (almost ten years ago now), I loved running off to the Caribbean for work and staying in hotel suites with free room service and then I got married and I didn't want to travel anymore and then we got our dog Sadie and now I really don't enjoy travel and I'm just guessing that if we decide to have a baby that I'll complete my slow cycle of agoraphobia and never leave the house again. I'm kidding; but not. It's another beast entirely to leave on a trip with the husband and the dog - EUPHORIA! I love that! I would love to take a little trip, just the three of us and sit on a deck overlooking a lake and nap and read and probably drink wine. Life is good.

I got C. XM radio as a birthday present in July and since my darling husband is the only person (I've totally confirmed this) reading this blog, I feel that I can state publicly to you and only you (this means you), Mr. C. that I think I got you a dud of a gift and I'm giving you a do-over.

I clearly love the XM radio and you clearly like the XM radio. So here's my proposition: I'll get you an iPad for our anniversary next month, but it'll really be for your birthday, but we'll say it's for our anniversary so that we don't have to tell anyone that I got you a dud birthday present. Whaaddya think?

This is all the news that's fit to knit.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We are celebrating my dear, sweet, amazing husband's birthday today. Happy Birthday C.!

I am so glad you were born all of those years ago today so that you could grow up and marry me and we could share this happy life. More than that I am so happy that you are in the world - you make so many people happy and we're all better because you are in our lives. You're kind and honest and funny and talented and the best guy I know.

It's all about my sweetie today - so this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Calm after some storms

It's a beautiful day today after several days of storms here in the Hudson Valley. I'm so thankful for a day like today and am feeling like I can make all kinds of good things happen. I have a lot of work ahead of me and it all starts in about twenty minutes. There's loads of work and I'm so thankful for that; though it is interfering with my personal life at times.

Tomorrow is C.'s birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating another year of the best husband on earth. We had a quiet weekend (where I procured a gift for him) and watched mother nature's rage via thunderstorm. We never lost power here (thank goodness!).

I don't have a lot to report, I've been working a ton, knitting very little and hanging in there. I've been buried in books the last few days (I read three between last Saturday and this Friday) and we made a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday. I mentioned in earlier posts that I'm working on changing my life. Changing your life is hard work and I've hung onto a lot of guilt and damage over the years. Forgiving yourself and others takes some doing, but when you let it go you feel so much better. I don't know that anyone can see the difference in me, but I feel it in myself and that's really the most important thing.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Learning

The night before last I was having a right good pity party for myself and I've been working really hard on changing that behavior in my life so I turned to something that almost always makes me feel better: reading. I escaped into a novel that was new to me and written by author Beverly Lewis. I was drawn to pick up her books out of the Barnes and Noble clearance section because the cover of her first book said that she was writing about Lacaster County, PA.; a place that I'm pretty familiar with.

There's no hiding the fact that I'm from Pittsburgh; either I'm screaming it about me or something about me is screaming it for me. It flumoxes New Yorkers when I carelessly say the word iron (which if I don't watch it often comes out "arh-n") or if I accicently ask what kind of pop they have at a restaraunt instead of saying soda. What you might not know about me is that I spent a few years living in Harrisburg, PA which is just down the road from Lancaster County. Some people refer to this area of PA as "Amish Country" and it's true as there are many Amish settlements in the area. It really is an experience to be late to a meeting in Lancaster and get stuck behind an Amish buggy on a main road. It's a clashing of cultures - you in your car trying not to have road rage in your rush to get where you're going and their absolute bafflement of why you're so worked up and why you think you need to get anywhere that fast or that stressed out.

So when I saw the books on the clearance rack I scooped them up in an impulse buy and when the world was getting to me the other night, I escaped into theirs. I love that about books and I was fascinated about the Amish life and "living plain". I'm glad that God put me right where I am and that might of been the hidden lesson in this book. To tell the truth, I'm hoping my copy was missing a few chapters at the end because she left us with a lot of questions This post is less about the book and more about the experience of leaving behind the world I was in and the mood I was in to find myself in the rolling hills of Lancaster County in an Amish buggy trying to understand why shunnings happen. It was fascinating and it was fun and it reminded me why I was addicted to all of those Lit classes in college.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

PS - Updated to let you know that I've found out that there are two more books in my series; I'll get those answers I want!

Friday, July 16, 2010

March birthday in July

For my birthday in March my wonderful husband gave me tickets to see Amos Lee in concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall. The concert finally came around and we went last night. The evening started off a bit stressful when the check engine light on the car came on. We're scheduled for a very expensive repair on Monday does that old saying go? When it rains, get out your checkbook?

Amos was amazing and his opening act, a guy by the name of Mutlu (I don't believe this is a nickname), was terrific. We even bought both of his albums as we left the show. It was soul and it was folk and Amos was funny and engaging. I love that the Music Hall holds about 500 people - it's intimate without feeling empty. You feel like you're really there with the performer and can really just immerse yourself in the evening. It was great. A big kiss to my dear, sweet C. he really knows how to knock it out of the park with a good birthday present! He wrapped up the evening with a high class meal of chicken nuggets at chez Mc.D's. Ahhhhh.

For now, we're beating the heat! And that's all the news that's fit to knit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Blogging

If anyone on earth is still reading this blog...I'm back. I needed that break from March. I've been doing a lot of work on my life when it comes to who I am and I think when you're working on growing and changing yourself, it takes some quiet time. And no kidding, we've had a rotten start to this year. It's July and we're still hoping that things will get better. We've lost a lot of dear friends and loved ones this year.

C. and I are very hopeful people though - we've got our heads up and we believe that the blessing are coming our way. It's been so good for me to return to the basics in my life. Finding quiet time, finding time to study the bible and not only talk with God, but spend some real time everyday listening for God. I had been very far away from that for a long time. It feels good to be reconnecting. It's like I've found peace again. I've found a life free of worry and the anxiety that had been choking me.

The summer had been busy with visiting family. My father in law continues his battle against cancer and my mother in law continues to handle the whole situation with grace. We spent the July 4th holiday with my family in Pittsburgh and I was reminded how much I love that city. It was so great to hang out with my family. We spent the whole trip on my brother's deck (which he's had wired for cable television so that we don't miss a second of the world cup or Wimbledon - he's a smart cookie, my brother). I realized that we spent every waking moment outside that I never needed to walk the dog. If Sadie needed to go she got her butt up off the deck and took care of business. It was fantastic. This trip has renewed my fever for wanting a house! I NEED a backyard! : )

So that's what's happening with me. Finished a pair of socks, cast on with Socks that Rock and am working a ton! Hope you've been doing well too.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I turned 34 years old on Friday and C. treated me to a delicious dinner out. We had a good time, even if work was really stressful leading up to the celebration time. I'm so glad that we got our night out because Saturday was not fit for man nor beast. We had the rain of all rains (not long after having survived the snow of all snows). I attempted to attend church this morning but was turned away by Irvington's finest with the information that the church was surrounded by downed live wires. They didn't need to tell me twice - I was outta there. I poped into our favorite bagel shop in the hope of surprising C. with some yummy bagel sammiches for lunch. Turns out that all of Tarrytown and the Hollow had the same idea. But I waited in line nonetheless and was rewarded with the deliciousness!

Our cable and internet had been out since last night and its amazes me how much that affects us.

I'm totally stalled out on my February Lady sweater - stuck on sleeve island...I'm most of the way through the first sleeve...keep a good thought for me.

Till next time, its all the news that's fit to knit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ten Things I Love:

  1. My Family
  2. My dear Friends
  3. Being at the Cabin - on the back porch, when there is a slight breeze rocking the tree tops back and forth; it is my place of peace.
  4. All things Pittsburgh
  5. Cheeseburgers
  6. Marching Bands
  7. Pride and Prejudice
  8. Football
  9. Puppy Dogs
  10. And this guy:
Love You! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving Forward

Since we lost my friend Adam I'm finding it really hard to move through the grief, but one thing that has been helping me is my knitting. Maybe its creating something new that's helping me; maybe its thinking about something else, I'm not sure - but it makes it hurt a little less.

In easier news, our dear friends in Ireland had a beautiful baby boy and I've knitted up this sweater for him. I hope it'll still fit! If not, they can save it for their next baby!

We've had a wee bit of snow here in NYC...sorry for the shot through the screen, but our backyard was amazing - snow clinging to everything! Had to show you.

Someone else enjoyed the snow too....

Sadie isn't a huge fan of her coat, but I am! She loves to eat snowflakes as they fall and is unashamed to stick her whole face in a pile of snow. I love it! Of course, she gets to being a princess when her paws get cold and she wants to hitch a ride home. We're cruel, we've only carried her twice. She's totally put out by that statistic.

I'm entered in the RavOlympics. For those non-knitters out there, this is the Ravlery (read: the mecca portal for knitters - a place where we manage projects, share information and generally interact with other knitters) Olympic Games. The idea is to choose a project that will challenge you and you cast on not a moment before the torch is lit during the opening ceremonies and you have the length of the Olympics (14 days) to complete your project before they extinguish the flame during the closing ceremonies. If you complete your project and post proof to the finish line post in the forums then you win a virtual gold medal. It's all in good fun and a great way to enjoy the Olumpics and your knitting at the same time.

I am on Team I Did - hanging with my other newlyweds
So tomorrow you can track my progress here as well - on Saturday I hope to update where I am with my starting line.

For tonight, this is all the news that's fit to knit!

Monday, February 01, 2010


When Chris and I went to Rhinebeck this year I picked up a few kits from The Spinning Room (their shop hails out of Altamont, NY). One kit was for a scarf that I made up for my MIL. I gifted it to her this Christmas and totally forgot to take pictures. I'll have to force her to model for me the next time in NC.

The yarn in the picture to the left is luscious and delicious Akapana (65% Baby Llama, 25% Merino Wool and 10% Donegal). It's spun in Peru and I want to snuggle with it all of the time. In purchasing this kit I am faced with a choice as it included two patterns. I can make a pair of fingerless mitts or a toasty neck warmer. The neck warmer is winning the race right now because of my utter need to nuzzle the skeins of yarn. Maybe I should just keep them around for snuggles. Only other knitters will understand that this is a true possibility. I'll let you know what I decide.

I need to get my rear in gear for the RavOlympics. I'm planning to take on the February Lady sweater from Clara Parke's "Knitters Book of Yarn". Wish me luck - seems just about right to knit this thing in Feb. I hope I can do it in the small window of time.

My life has been a bit of an emotional mess lately. I can't seem to get caught up. I feel like Chris and I got off track with our normal lives during the blizzard on December 19th and we just haven't been able to get our balance. I'm hoping that this month will afford us sometime to get back to center. I think creating things again is a step in the right direction.

For all of the rotten things that have been happening I find that at the core of my life is God and Chris. My family also continues to be this amazing powerhouse of support and encouragement. I'm not sure why I was given the incredible family I was given, but make no mistake, I appreciate them. My mom,  parents inlaw, my brother, brother in law and sisters in law, my nieces and nephews. Each and everyone of them is ready with a kind word, or more likely a sarcastic joke that makes laughter through tears possible. You just don't get luckier than me.

Maybe I should knit them all snuggies...

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My dear friend, Adam, died on January 15th. It was unexpected and we're so sad that he's gone. I've known Adam for about ten years and to tell you the truth it wasn't long enough. He and his wife stood up for us at our wedding and we shared so much of our daily lives with their family.
Adam was kind and funny and a true friend. I hope he knows how much Chris and I love him and how much we will miss him. We will always remember.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Gilmore Friday Night

Sometimes when things get tough I think about Lorelai Gilmore. Sometimes, when things get tough or I get lonely I watch Gilmore Girls on DVD - I have all of the seasons on DVD. I have the soundtrack. I'm not like this about any other television show. When I was offered to take some classes for work (paid for by the company) I only accepted after Chris agreed to get DVR because the class was on Tuesday nights and that's when the show aired. I've never been an obsessed fan, but I was devoted to this show.

There's something about Lorelai's quick wit, confidence and her wordsmithing that makes me love her. I don't want to be Lorelai - lets face it her life is a mess, but there's something so great about being able to see into this crazy little world. I want to live in that small, quaint town where all the people know you and love you and their always involved in crazy schenanegans. I love crazy schenanegans and activities with people I know. I haven't lived in a town where people know me since 1994. I really miss it.

I love the coffee too.

Sometimes I have to make a pot of coffee while I'm watching the show.

I also want the clothes.

I love that we're able to get tv on dvd. It's one of the tech advancements that I'm truly thrilled about. I think indoor plumbing, ez pass and tv on dvd are my top favs. The internet is good too. Internet shopping is not good for the budget - especially when you're admiring the clothes on gg.

Just a glimpse into my Friday night, folks.

For now, its all the news that's fit to knit.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from me and my guy! I truly hope you had an amazing holiday. I've been on vacation for two weeks and I am finally relaxed - so naturally I'm headed back to work tomorrow. There's a lot in store, but I think I'm coming off of this vaction with a new outlook for this new year - a little perspective. There is nothing more important to me than my family. They are my whole world and I am filled up by them. This guy in the picture with me - he's the best friend anyone could ever have and I've got to tell you I have no idea why he picked me, but it is one of my greatest blessings.

May 2010 be the best yet from us to you!

For now it's all the news that's fit to knit.