Monday, September 25, 2006

Saints and Knitters

It's been hard for me to bring myself to post 'cause I really didn't want to bump down these pictures of Molly. She's so sweet! But lots to tell you about and I know Molly understands. So here we go...

Two Saturdays ago I roused myself from my private knitting chair here in beautiful Park Slope to go out and see the Yarn Harlot herself who was speaking at our local Barnes and Noble store. Poor Harlot got stuck in traffic and had to learn the joys of New York City traffic, taxi cabs, Canal Street on a Saturday night, and of course the true need that New Yorkers feel to lay on their horns during trying times like these. The knitters waiting at B&N just settled into our seats, pulled out various bits of knitting, introduced ourselves to each other and admired one another's projects.

When the Harlot finally arrived, she did not disappoint. She was funny and sweet and I felt that I could honestly tell that she was as sweet as she seemed from her blog. If you haven't checked out her site, please go ahead and click that link and check in out - we're talking about a one woman revolutionary here. She's raised money for Doctors Without Boarders, she's organized charity knitting projects, an Olympic event for thousands of knitters around the world and shared the secret thoughts of all knitters in her fantastic books. She's done all of this by simply recognizing the kindness of knitters and being willing to herald their goodness across the world. She's a good nut and I really enjoyed every moment I got to spend hearing her speak about our funny little community.

And she signed my book. In case you can't read that - she says that "Obsession is Normal." Amen, sister. Amen.

Many thanks to the Harlot for making the trip from Canada to NYC and through what may have been the longest part of the trip, the trip down Canal Street. We hope you can visit Park Slope when things are less hectic.

I had big plans to show pictures of Cozy - it's done, but blogger just won't upload another picture. So those are to come. Also on my list of things to tell you about - I got a box from Knit Picks, tell ya all about it later this week.

In the meantime - you still have a a quarter of the Saints-Falcons game to go and see the Super Dome being used as it is meant to be and to see the beautiful people of New Orleans as happy as we always want them to be. Good on ya, NO. We're glad that you're getting back.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cutest. Baby. Ever!

Meet Molly - proudly wearing her "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono" (pattern by Christina Shiffman, from the always lovely ladies over at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

My dear friend Kelly gave birth to this beautiful baby in July and only a knitter would have the guts to send one of her best friends a sweater for their new baby in middle of a heatwave. Now that the weather is cooling, the sweater seems to fit Molly perfectly and I think she looks great in this September photo.

You want more pictures don't you? I don't blame you, Molly is gorgeous. I'll give into you, here you go:

We loved Molly from the very first moment Kelly told us about her. She loved her parents so much, that she showed up two months early. Being such a little thing, I down sized the sweater for a premie. Molly doesn't looked so impressed in this picture, but Kelly assures me that she loves the sweater from her honorary auntie kristin and of course, her auntie loves her too!

You still want more pictures? Ok - hang onto your seats...I grew up in one of the greatest cities in the world and that city is host to the greatest football team in the world. When one is born in this city - one begins their training at early age to cheer on their beloved players. Molly is no exception:

Go Steelers!

Many thanks to Kelly and Roger for letting me show off their beautiful daughter.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Shoot The Freak!

No knitting, or nothing that has changed on the cozy shawl (its gotten longer, but it would certainly look exactly the same to you!) so I'm giving you the pictures from my first trip to Coney Island with Chris and our pal Jonny from Ireland! Jonny left this afternoon for home and we'll miss him - but he left us with a lot of great memories from a great visit.

Of course when one goes to Coney Island, one has opportunities to participate in many cultural events - like shoot the freak. This consists of you forking over six bucks and getting to man a pain gun while the announcer's buddy runs around in an alley below the board walk and you attempt to shoot him. When they get eight people lined up that freak gets shot a lot! What a racket.

Look! More freaks! Circus Freaks!

They were a lot of fun to watch, but the crowds were really thick, so we moved on to...

It's the Cyclone! The oldest wooden roller coaster in the world. That's right people, in the world!
And yes, my ass was on that ride and I screamed my head off and loved every terrifying moment of it. What a blast.

We did wait to do this until after the Cyclone:

Nathan's hot dogs. Some of the best stuff on earth. Yum!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


We've been enjoying Steve and Terri Irwin for many years and when I heard of Steve's untimely death at the top of this week, I was devastated. I just put my head on Chris' shoulder and cried. I felt like I'd lost a dear friend - even though I've never met him.

I have personal experience in knowing someone who was larger than life - someone who's life was so big and so spectacular that they have the ability to bring you along for the ride; to make your life a part of theirs. Often times these stars burn so brightly and so many of us are attracted to them and caught up in their brilliance - we're the lucky ones; we're the ones who get to be a part of their amazing lives for awhile.

Steve was a brilliant star who seemed to be a caring and loving family man and a person who loved nature and God's green earth and all of the creatures on it. Thank God for you, Steve. We'll miss you terribly.

I wish I could wrap my arms around you, Terri. You have the heartfelt love, prayers and support from a tiny little part of Brooklyn - always.

Kindest of Regards,