Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mom came to visit and we had a great time

I don't get to see her enough and the time we had together this past weekend went too quickly. We squeezed in dinner at Pascal's, a visit to Union Church and the Rockefeller Mansion and we did some shopping and cooking. She even fell in love with our sweet pooch, Sadie.

Above: Sadie gets a bone - she's really happy about this.

Above: Sadie's paws are the cutest things evah!

Above: Washington Irving's Sunnyside home. Remember the Headless Horseman? Ichabod Crane? His author lived here and when Kyle and Allison were in town we decided to take them on a tour (Allison is a librarian - so this was right up her alley).

Above: At Sunnyside - this tree has been growing since before the American Revolution. Wouldn't you like to ask the tree what it's seen? Wild.

Above: The Rockefeller Mansion, Kykuit. It's a pretty darn nice house.

If you're looking for knitting pictures I fail you once again. Life's been busy and interesting and we've been exploring Tarrytown / Sleepyhollow with family and friends. I did start on a February Lady Sweater and I'll get some work done on it this week and post the info for you here. I'm also working on an idea for another knit blog, but more on that later. Till next time, this is all the news that's fit to knit.