Thursday, May 10, 2007

Updating Overdueness

Okay, okay - I promised to write ages ago - forgive me. I owe a bunch of people phone calls and emails and hugs and I'm planning on catching up over the course of the next week. So if I owe ya, know that the love is coming and how much I love ya!

Work has been very, very stressful - I'm not allowed to talk about it, so we'll leave it at this: I'll be fine and all will be good but we're going to stress for a while more.

The other big event was Chris' parental visit. They aren't my in-laws, but I do love them very much and the visit was quite nice. Have any of you had someone else's family come to live with you for five days? No matter how cool you all are - it totally freaks you out. Chris is from the south and I am from the north. I am now totally sure that there are real and true differences in cultures.

For example, I have been raised (as have my parents, their parents, my friends from the north, etc...) that when you go to someone's house you are to exercise the utmost of polietness. This doesn't mean that you aren't relaxed and enjoying yourself, but it does mean that you never, ever help yourself to anything. We always ask. Always, always, always - like, "Hey Sue, would you mind if I got myself a glass of water?" -- See, we don't ask someone to wait on us, but rather we ask if it's ok to help ourselves. This allows Sue to say, "Of course, please help yourself." or if Sue doesn't want your eyes in her kitchen cabinets it allows her to say "Of course, let me get it for you." You get what you want: A glass of water and Sue gets what she wants: to keep you out of her messy cabinents. See? Everyone is happy. I'm starting to suspect that in the south everyone belongs to one heaping big family and that their casa is su casa and the reverse and such. Us uptight northerners can find our OCD acting up when those polite choices are taken away from us.

But really, the visit was lovely and long and Chris' show, The Sea is fantastic (see awesome review in the New York Freaking Times) was awesome. I'm so proud of him!
Knitting - I finished the summer socks and need to send Nancy a picture and post to here. I'm also making excellent progress on my first Clapotis - which I'm stoked about. So maybe I can get my butt moving tonight and get some darned pictures on this site about some knitting.
Oh - and Chris' mom got me my first drop spindle - I'm over the moon. I just need to learn and buy some roving... any suggestions?

For now - back to work. That's all the news that's fit to knit.

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Darren said...

Part of the not asking thing may be because they were guests, but they were guests in their son's (and yours) home. I wouldn't expect my parents to ask for anything when they visited Liesel and I. I would be fine if they did, or fine if they just grabbed (of course, much like you expressed, there would be a mad day/week of cleaning before their visit).

Because I've always heard that the south, while very friendly, is very much into politeness and proper behavior. Which I would think would mean they would always ask.

So I'm guessing it was the family connection that led them to be a little more relaxed during their stay.