Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Here are some holiday pictures of NYC that I took last night! See you next week:

The Rock Center Christmas Tree - it really is something to see.
(Sorry for the rhyme)

This is how the day started - the view from my home and the snow that has
kicked off our winter. It was great!

This is Donald Trump's Christmas tree - in case
you were wondering.

Rock Center ice skaters

Rock Center - so pretty this time of year.

Cartier - Chris didn't want to go inside and shop...
But they did wrap the building.

Outside of The Plaza - at the left of this picture was a guy dressed
as Santa. He yelled to me "Hey Lady, Merry Christmas!" I yelled back!

From Me & Chris - we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Till Next year, this is all the news that's fit to knit!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Charlie's Tree

We got Charlie Brown's Tree! I love this sad little tree and nothing says Christmas like A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's such an awesome show!

I have finished not one, but two hats for Christmas presents. I knit up my usual design for the skull cap. I've taken a picture of Chris wearing his, but it's so stinking dark you can't see a thing! Next sunny day, I'll pin him down for replacement pics. I knit a matching hat for my new BIL. He deserves one. He's had a hard year.

I'm hoping this week will blow right by so that we can get on with being on Christmas vacation and visiting with our family. I miss my family and I can't wait to get together with them for some fun. As my nephew would say it's time for the "The Festival of Treats" --we know how to do it up!

Till later, it's all the news that's fit to knit!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Memory

The holidays are an interesting time. I really love this time of year, but it makes me nostalgic too. I put on some holiday music this afternoon while I was working and in a finger snap I was home - I was in my parents family room laughing and dancing with my father and singing this stupid song at the top of my lungs along with my brother while my mother fussed with drinks and snacks and we decorated the tree. It was a fantastic moment.

The holidays have had a transformation over the last ten years. One generation has passed on and our new traditions are taking hold and becoming a lot of fun. But every now and then, I think back to the people who made the first part of my life so special and I miss them. I'm sad, but not so sad that I don't remember how excellent that time was and look forward to the coming holidays.


In other news, I'm trying to finish some holiday knitting and like every year, I'm falling more and more behind. I hope I'll make it! At least everyone has a birthday every year ! : )

Till tomorrow with pictures, this is all the news that's fit to knit!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


This year, we finally upgraded our Christmas tree from a tabletop size to a 6' tree. I really love this tree, it's nice to be able to show off our tree ornaments properly. I won't even begin to tell you where I got this tree - it's way too low brow, but I love it. It's an artificial tree, I've long since given up the need to have a real tree. We've had a boxed up tree since I was a teen and I've been fine with that.

Here is our cheap but tasty Christmas tree that will be serving us for many years to come:

I even got a new ornament - it's a knitter's ornament, you knit wit!

The other night I tried out a new recipe. It's a cream sauce for pumpkin tortellini. It was so good that night, that I made the sauce again with mushrooms and penne this time. It will probably take a year off of my life, but I'm hoping that it was year 98 and I wouldn't have been all that aware of that one...just look at the cast of characters in this little dinner:

Last night, Chris and I went into Manhattan for some Christmas shopping. We hit all of our SoHo favorites (though we missed The Strand in favor of Pommes Frite* - I had the peanut satay sauce, oh lord. So good. Oh, I had two other sauces, but we won't talk about that). Then we hit the big shops set up in Union Square - so awesome! And then we went to the movies. We had a great night. We walked out of the theater and into a snow globe. The time that I love the city is when it snows! At least, the first snow. After that, it goes back to being pretty filthy.

It's a big football night for people like me. The Steeler's squeaked out a win and I've got another game to keep my eye on...I'm going to start on some more holiday knits as I watch each down. I hope you are somewhere warm feeling as comfy and happy as I am tonight. Except for my evil, awful, vicious neighbors who are making an un-godly amount of noise today. Sigh.

Till next time, it's all the news that's fit to knit!

*A landmark NYC eatery, Pommes Frite's makes delicious Belgian French Fries and they offer a slew of amazing dipping sauces. You can have one sauce like C. or three like me. Hmmm. We get to go to Pommes Frite about once every five years, so why not get three sauces? You won't get anymore for awhile. Go on. People will look at you. You should just look right back. They're amatures. You're brilliant! And Happy!