Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving the Work

My old office...

It's been a hell of a week. We've moved our offices from one location to another this week and it was rough. I'm not sure if you've ever moved your office, but if you have, you're shaking your head in sympathy for me. Packing up your files and information for a move causes chaos. Clients still want their work done and yet all of your information is being put into boxes and shipped off to the new location. You have to finally pack up your computer and you're gasp! without any connection to the Internet or email. has the world fallen apart while you've been packing up your desk accessories? How many post it notes did you really have in the back of your desk drawer? How many ketchup packets had you saved? Hmmmm...

Tomorrow is set up day - I have to check into our new building (first, I have to get myself to the new location...hello 95 North - gulp). I need to find all of the files, assemble my new bookcase, learn how to use the new telephone system and hook up the computer again. I'm not reaaaalllly looking forward to it.

In good news - I've got my sweetheart back with me after ten days of hateful separation. He's here and it just feels so good to have him in our home again.

In bad news - the Steelers are about lose their first game of the season and it's seriously bumming me out.

For now, it's all the news and there's been very little knit.

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