Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Sad End of the Needle

The sadness in pictures. See that? That is my broken heart. Ok, not so much my heart, but it has broken my heart tonight as not one, but two of my Knit Picks Options cables have died. Thing is, I've never used the small one and used the larger one only once.
These are my FAVORITE needles. They are sharp and I have the complete kit (given by C. on my last birthday). The last thing knitted on them -as promised - was this baby sweater:

This is the Five Hour Baby Sweater - it takes a little longer than that, but let me tell you, this is an awesome pattern. Knitters are so smart! This is knitted from the top down and is knitted in one piece with only the sleeves to sew up. I have enjoyed knitting this sweater on a few occasions and this sweater is for Jenna - the new baby from Jen & Adam. It's safe to post here as Jen is not a regular reader of the old blog.

Back to the saddest story... out of all of these needles - not a single size ten to save my current sweater project. I've been reduced to holding the stitches on a light up needle - you've seen those, right? I've received two pairs as gag gifts and I can see the good they can do (and the fun they provide the first time you pretend its your light saber), but I have to say, I've never actually knitted with them. I have them in size 8 & 10.5.

Sigh. Sad knitter.

I thought about trying this and then decided against it and sent Knit Picks an email asking what to do. If you've delt with their customer service department, will you kindly leave me a comment or send me an email and tell me how it went? I'd appreciate it.

The back of the sweater - a happier ending. I want to send off my friend Dani's baby's sweater that I knit for her 'cause you've got to see Hailey - a sweet little girl who I can't wait to meet. Dani, send me your address, I've got to send your sweater so we can show both Hailey and the sweater off here!

I'm soothing my sorrows by laughing along with back issues of this blog. This woman is living a life I've often thought I would love to live. I like that she's willing to take us along on her journey as a woman living on a real, modern day working cattle ranch. She's great with a camera, a witty writer and she cooks! It's a lot of fun and I give it a big ole recommendation for regular reading.
For now, sad knitters, that's all the news we wish we could knit!

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