Thursday, July 18, 2013

What do you say when you've taken a three year break from blogging? Heeeyyy...anyone out there? I have a pretty good excuse...'cause, ya know, everything in my whole world has changed.

I am a different person than who I was in 2010. Here's a short recap:

Chris and I were very happy in New York, but in 2011 things got...interesting. My job had taken a turn with a management problem and I was increasingly unhappy working there. In January I started to feel sick. I was off - exhausted and cranky all of the time. It turns out that I was pregnant (I told you, a lot has happened). Things began to unravel more and more at work and with impending arrival of our bundle of joy we knew that we were going to have to make a pretty drastic change in our lives. We knew that moving to be near one of our families was the best choice.

On September 29th our dear baby boy came into the world (12 days early) and we were smitten from the moment we saw him. So at the end of 2011 we decided to buy a wine and beer shop in North Carolina (I told you...crazy) and get out of the cycle of working for someone and to start working for ourselves. It was the right choice.

Though it was hard to say goodbye to New York, we packed up ourselves, the baby and of course, our first baby - Sadie dog and headed south (in a snow storm).

We opened the shop in the beginning of February and haven't looked back. We've made some dear new friends in our new town and though we're still adjusting to the new pace and the new temperatures, we're thrilled with it all.

I'd like to get back to blogging. Knitting took a bit of a back burner to the baby (though I knit some cute things for him before he was born). Our boy will be 2 this September; how did it all go so quickly?

It's good to be back - I hope someone's still out there; I'm ready to get it all back online!

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.