Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Catch Up - with pictures

So the room was cleaned (nice, eh?). Well, I did change the curtains (see below) and I added a rug (hey! It was on sale at Target for $12 - you can't pass that up - can you? So Chris' parents did not have to skirt death by smothering from our piles of clutter. I think they enjoyed the room.

another view...

With the new curtains (love these - I double curtained so that our neighbors across the way aren't getting a good show everyday).

As for knitting -- well, here are the socks: I don't love the yarn, but I'm so glad I got the chance to try it out. Thanks Nancy! I'll be sending you the picture and a note soon too. I used Wendy's toe up pattern here and the yarn is Cascade Fixation. Lots of stretch - but a little hard on the hands.

And now I've started my first Clapotis. I'm not sure what yarn I'm using. I got a HUGE cone of this at a Park Slope yard sale last summer and since you need a crap load of yarn for the Clapotis, I thought this would work. I love the color and I love the dropped stitches. I'm double stranding it with this yarn as its weight is pretty light. I figured this would make for the best look. I think (gasp) that I may have been right!

My new adventure as provided by Chris' mom is this handy new drop spindle. This is "The Schacht" Hi-Lo Spindle. She also got me my first spinning book - so now I just need to score some roving and I'll be making my own yarn! That's just too cool for school!

Thanks Ginger!

Soooo that's the update. Thanks to Darren for the kind and funny comment to the last post (dude - I totally have to get back on IM and catch up - it's been wild lately)!

Things are stressful as I've said. Work has been crazier than normal and home has been rocked a bit too. Chris' last show is tonight and I'll be glad to have him home again. He really helps me balance the stress of life. Oh - and that lucky little duck met the actor who plays Ben on Lost today (he came to see Chris' show and turns out that they have a mutual friend). They talked about me - me! I'm over the moon - I loooove the show Lost, so I was stoked and totally jealous.

Big things are coming in these weeks. One of my best friends in the world is having her baby, Hailey in about two weeks. Dani, if you're reading this - go relax and put your feet up! And my friend Jenn is cooking up a baby girl too. So I've got lots of knitting to do here for my new little nieces and future best girl friends.

For now, I'm indulging in knitting on the Clap - eating some Ben & Jerry's and watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. I got it as a little present to myself on Friday afternoon.

For now, that's all the news that fit to Knit!

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Darren said...

He met Ben? OHMIGOSH! Now I'm jealous, too! After the interminably long break, this season went through the ROOF! I'm loving it. All of it! And the season finale next week? I CAN'T WAIT! Two hours of LOST joy!

(As a sidenote: Gilmore Girls series finale = a little bit blah. Kind of sad it's gone. Kind of sad they had to try to wrap so many things up so quickly. Kind of glad I don't have to force myself to watch more of some of the recent horrible writing.)