Saturday, July 30, 2016

It's a Saturday, and we're starting to plan out our day. I love weekends in our small North Carolina town. I love running into friends while shopping around town, I love how quiet the neighborhood is - I love getting together with friends to share stories and complain about the complexities of raising our children. It's lovely.

There are a lot of things that I miss about living in New York, but these little things about a southern life can be so fulfilling.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hi. Um... how do I say I'm sorry for waiting another few years to make a post on a blog no one is reading any longer? How about a top ten list?

10. I've got a four year old who's demanding of all of my time.
9. I've got a husband and a four year old who like clean clothes.
8. They also seem found of eating.
7. And sleeping - that one's for me, I love sleeping.
6. I've been reading a lot in my free time.
5. Just started a new job this year - full time! Yay!
4. Boy, top ten lists get really hard to commit to.
3. Maybe that was my problem, I'm not great at commitment...
2. Did I mention that I have a four year old now? I feel like that counts for two.
1. The knitting has been spotty for all of the above reasons.

Well, after nearly five years, we're still in North Carolina. Small town southern living is a constant surprise to this Yankee. The rules, steeped in hundreds of years of tradition, seem to change from day-to-day around here. Regardless, this small southern town has charmed me, and we're pretty happy here. On owning a business: if you're about to take the plunge and own a business let me give you this sage advice: everything is going to take twice as long as you think it will!

I hope to get back to more regular blogging and I'm not so worried that no one is reading this... it's for me!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What do you say when you've taken a three year break from blogging? Heeeyyy...anyone out there? I have a pretty good excuse...'cause, ya know, everything in my whole world has changed.

I am a different person than who I was in 2010. Here's a short recap:

Chris and I were very happy in New York, but in 2011 things got...interesting. My job had taken a turn with a management problem and I was increasingly unhappy working there. In January I started to feel sick. I was off - exhausted and cranky all of the time. It turns out that I was pregnant (I told you, a lot has happened). Things began to unravel more and more at work and with impending arrival of our bundle of joy we knew that we were going to have to make a pretty drastic change in our lives. We knew that moving to be near one of our families was the best choice.

On September 29th our dear baby boy came into the world (12 days early) and we were smitten from the moment we saw him. So at the end of 2011 we decided to buy a wine and beer shop in North Carolina (I told you...crazy) and get out of the cycle of working for someone and to start working for ourselves. It was the right choice.

Though it was hard to say goodbye to New York, we packed up ourselves, the baby and of course, our first baby - Sadie dog and headed south (in a snow storm).

We opened the shop in the beginning of February and haven't looked back. We've made some dear new friends in our new town and though we're still adjusting to the new pace and the new temperatures, we're thrilled with it all.

I'd like to get back to blogging. Knitting took a bit of a back burner to the baby (though I knit some cute things for him before he was born). Our boy will be 2 this September; how did it all go so quickly?

It's good to be back - I hope someone's still out there; I'm ready to get it all back online!

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm just back from Naples, FL for a work conference and I've come to realize (yet again) that mama's not a jet setter anymore. When I took my first job in New York City (almost ten years ago now), I loved running off to the Caribbean for work and staying in hotel suites with free room service and then I got married and I didn't want to travel anymore and then we got our dog Sadie and now I really don't enjoy travel and I'm just guessing that if we decide to have a baby that I'll complete my slow cycle of agoraphobia and never leave the house again. I'm kidding; but not. It's another beast entirely to leave on a trip with the husband and the dog - EUPHORIA! I love that! I would love to take a little trip, just the three of us and sit on a deck overlooking a lake and nap and read and probably drink wine. Life is good.

I got C. XM radio as a birthday present in July and since my darling husband is the only person (I've totally confirmed this) reading this blog, I feel that I can state publicly to you and only you (this means you), Mr. C. that I think I got you a dud of a gift and I'm giving you a do-over.

I clearly love the XM radio and you clearly like the XM radio. So here's my proposition: I'll get you an iPad for our anniversary next month, but it'll really be for your birthday, but we'll say it's for our anniversary so that we don't have to tell anyone that I got you a dud birthday present. Whaaddya think?

This is all the news that's fit to knit.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We are celebrating my dear, sweet, amazing husband's birthday today. Happy Birthday C.!

I am so glad you were born all of those years ago today so that you could grow up and marry me and we could share this happy life. More than that I am so happy that you are in the world - you make so many people happy and we're all better because you are in our lives. You're kind and honest and funny and talented and the best guy I know.

It's all about my sweetie today - so this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Calm after some storms

It's a beautiful day today after several days of storms here in the Hudson Valley. I'm so thankful for a day like today and am feeling like I can make all kinds of good things happen. I have a lot of work ahead of me and it all starts in about twenty minutes. There's loads of work and I'm so thankful for that; though it is interfering with my personal life at times.

Tomorrow is C.'s birthday and I'm looking forward to celebrating another year of the best husband on earth. We had a quiet weekend (where I procured a gift for him) and watched mother nature's rage via thunderstorm. We never lost power here (thank goodness!).

I don't have a lot to report, I've been working a ton, knitting very little and hanging in there. I've been buried in books the last few days (I read three between last Saturday and this Friday) and we made a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday. I mentioned in earlier posts that I'm working on changing my life. Changing your life is hard work and I've hung onto a lot of guilt and damage over the years. Forgiving yourself and others takes some doing, but when you let it go you feel so much better. I don't know that anyone can see the difference in me, but I feel it in myself and that's really the most important thing.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Learning

The night before last I was having a right good pity party for myself and I've been working really hard on changing that behavior in my life so I turned to something that almost always makes me feel better: reading. I escaped into a novel that was new to me and written by author Beverly Lewis. I was drawn to pick up her books out of the Barnes and Noble clearance section because the cover of her first book said that she was writing about Lacaster County, PA.; a place that I'm pretty familiar with.

There's no hiding the fact that I'm from Pittsburgh; either I'm screaming it about me or something about me is screaming it for me. It flumoxes New Yorkers when I carelessly say the word iron (which if I don't watch it often comes out "arh-n") or if I accicently ask what kind of pop they have at a restaraunt instead of saying soda. What you might not know about me is that I spent a few years living in Harrisburg, PA which is just down the road from Lancaster County. Some people refer to this area of PA as "Amish Country" and it's true as there are many Amish settlements in the area. It really is an experience to be late to a meeting in Lancaster and get stuck behind an Amish buggy on a main road. It's a clashing of cultures - you in your car trying not to have road rage in your rush to get where you're going and their absolute bafflement of why you're so worked up and why you think you need to get anywhere that fast or that stressed out.

So when I saw the books on the clearance rack I scooped them up in an impulse buy and when the world was getting to me the other night, I escaped into theirs. I love that about books and I was fascinated about the Amish life and "living plain". I'm glad that God put me right where I am and that might of been the hidden lesson in this book. To tell the truth, I'm hoping my copy was missing a few chapters at the end because she left us with a lot of questions This post is less about the book and more about the experience of leaving behind the world I was in and the mood I was in to find myself in the rolling hills of Lancaster County in an Amish buggy trying to understand why shunnings happen. It was fascinating and it was fun and it reminded me why I was addicted to all of those Lit classes in college.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

PS - Updated to let you know that I've found out that there are two more books in my series; I'll get those answers I want!