Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm just back from Naples, FL for a work conference and I've come to realize (yet again) that mama's not a jet setter anymore. When I took my first job in New York City (almost ten years ago now), I loved running off to the Caribbean for work and staying in hotel suites with free room service and then I got married and I didn't want to travel anymore and then we got our dog Sadie and now I really don't enjoy travel and I'm just guessing that if we decide to have a baby that I'll complete my slow cycle of agoraphobia and never leave the house again. I'm kidding; but not. It's another beast entirely to leave on a trip with the husband and the dog - EUPHORIA! I love that! I would love to take a little trip, just the three of us and sit on a deck overlooking a lake and nap and read and probably drink wine. Life is good.

I got C. XM radio as a birthday present in July and since my darling husband is the only person (I've totally confirmed this) reading this blog, I feel that I can state publicly to you and only you (this means you), Mr. C. that I think I got you a dud of a gift and I'm giving you a do-over.

I clearly love the XM radio and you clearly like the XM radio. So here's my proposition: I'll get you an iPad for our anniversary next month, but it'll really be for your birthday, but we'll say it's for our anniversary so that we don't have to tell anyone that I got you a dud birthday present. Whaaddya think?

This is all the news that's fit to knit.


pendraggin said...

Nopers. I bet your husband likes the XM. And, when all the games start happening, I bet he likes it EVEN MORE!

pendraggin said...

I miss this blog. That is all.