Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I turned 34 years old on Friday and C. treated me to a delicious dinner out. We had a good time, even if work was really stressful leading up to the celebration time. I'm so glad that we got our night out because Saturday was not fit for man nor beast. We had the rain of all rains (not long after having survived the snow of all snows). I attempted to attend church this morning but was turned away by Irvington's finest with the information that the church was surrounded by downed live wires. They didn't need to tell me twice - I was outta there. I poped into our favorite bagel shop in the hope of surprising C. with some yummy bagel sammiches for lunch. Turns out that all of Tarrytown and the Hollow had the same idea. But I waited in line nonetheless and was rewarded with the deliciousness!

Our cable and internet had been out since last night and its amazes me how much that affects us.

I'm totally stalled out on my February Lady sweater - stuck on sleeve island...I'm most of the way through the first sleeve...keep a good thought for me.

Till next time, its all the news that's fit to knit.

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