Friday, January 08, 2010

Gilmore Friday Night

Sometimes when things get tough I think about Lorelai Gilmore. Sometimes, when things get tough or I get lonely I watch Gilmore Girls on DVD - I have all of the seasons on DVD. I have the soundtrack. I'm not like this about any other television show. When I was offered to take some classes for work (paid for by the company) I only accepted after Chris agreed to get DVR because the class was on Tuesday nights and that's when the show aired. I've never been an obsessed fan, but I was devoted to this show.

There's something about Lorelai's quick wit, confidence and her wordsmithing that makes me love her. I don't want to be Lorelai - lets face it her life is a mess, but there's something so great about being able to see into this crazy little world. I want to live in that small, quaint town where all the people know you and love you and their always involved in crazy schenanegans. I love crazy schenanegans and activities with people I know. I haven't lived in a town where people know me since 1994. I really miss it.

I love the coffee too.

Sometimes I have to make a pot of coffee while I'm watching the show.

I also want the clothes.

I love that we're able to get tv on dvd. It's one of the tech advancements that I'm truly thrilled about. I think indoor plumbing, ez pass and tv on dvd are my top favs. The internet is good too. Internet shopping is not good for the budget - especially when you're admiring the clothes on gg.

Just a glimpse into my Friday night, folks.

For now, its all the news that's fit to knit.

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