Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goodbyes are the hardestest things

We're leaving in the morning for North Carolina - Chris' Grandmother has passed. We're so very sad and it is with very heavy hearts that we pilgrimage to say goodbye to such a wonderful woman. I owe her so much, for she shaped Chris' life and helped make him exactly who he is. I am fortunate enough to know her and to have spent time with her. I will always smile when I think of her cheating during a rowdy game of bingo at the retirement home three years ago. I totally helped her and we won a ton of money. I always like to think of that day that she and I giggled a bit over being a little naughty. A proper southern woman, a strong Presbyterian, a woman of faith, a mother of four and a grandmother of many. We love her very, very much and will be pleased as punch when we see her again in heaven.

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