Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello friends! I know we've been lacking in knitting content lately and that continues with this post, but I am knitting on something (a cute teddy bear and a pair of socks) and I'm off on a trip to a sheep farm for a yarn sale this weekend, so pictures are coming your way (as is that knitting content we've been so absent of).

So why don't we have any knitting content? Well, because I've been so busy with the holidays that I haven't done a lot of knitting. I flew home to Pittsburgh last week and spent some time with the family. It was wonderful. I wanted to go back for another round of hugs more than I can tell you. This was possibly the best Christmas since 1995 ( during 96 & 97 we lost three major members of the family and it's taken awhile to bounce back). But this year, we really partied down. We started off with a family party at mom's house that included a bunch of the family where we had our gift exchange and many, many cocktails and a ton of laughs and stories and lots of hugs and memories and great music. We followed that with church Christmas Eve at my brother's church (whose minister used to be the minister at our family's church when I was young). We followed church with the great doughnut caper of 2006 where my SIL and I wrestled another family for the last doughnuts in Pittsburgh (all in good fun...though we did leave the doughnut aisle with a strange sheen of white doughnut powder in front of the bakery counter). We ended that evening with a party with some friends during which we dined on more wine and cocktails and everyone's favorite hors d oeuvers.

Christmas morning we watched my too-cute niece and nephew rip open a pile of gifts and exclaim with joy. It was brilliant. We followed that up with more visits to the family and an amazing turkey dinner that my Aunt Carol seriously rocked this year. We met the newest member of our family, Ben and there was even more gift opening.

I had lunch with my good friend Darren and his wife (even though I'd caught a Christmas cold -- and missed my dear friend Pat at that lunch as he too was stricken with a holiday flu). I also spent a visit with our neighbors at my mom's that was just too much fun and followed it up seeing my bestest girlfriends, Dani and Kelly and Kelly's new baby Molly (who really is the cutest little thing ever and who I suspect absolutely loves her Auntie Kris). I got to rub Dani's belly and talk to my future honorary niece or nephew who I love so much! Dani - what do we knit for your little one? OH! The possibilities!

Leaving was so hard. All of that love - all of that welcome - all of those laughs... how rich we are in each other's love and in God's love. It was so amazing and I wish with all of my heart that I could do it all over again. I just miss them all so much.

The secret of my life is that I've been blessed by the most amazing people. They take excellent care of me and nurture my quirks and my shortcomings in the most gentle of ways. You couldn't meet a more lucky girl.

And I'm trying to upload Christmas pictures to show you and blogger is issuing the smack down. We'll try again later.

I wish you all the best luck and good health for 2007 and I truly hope you get to meet some of these folks I've told you about - that would make you REALLY lucky.

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