Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Follow Up

The haul...

Go ahead, just take a minute to click on the picture and view it in all its beauty. I will wait for you.
That, my friends, is happiness in a bag. You want to see more? Ok, you know that I can not resist you...

The blue verigated on the top, sat on my lap during the drive home. I am particularly fond of it and am afraid that I can not knit it up, but will rather keep it as a pet and represent it to guests as piece of art work in our home. This is unusual to non-knitters, but I know that the knitters who are reading this blog understand and do not find this thought the least bit odd. I thank you for that, dear knitters!

Not such a great picture and not all of the yarn, but I began to feel light headed and had to stop taking pictures... I am now knitting up one beautiful skein into a scarf (pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts)
Next, I'll share pictures of a dear bear that I've finished knitting (I've sadly lost his pre-cut, felt face and am now forced to learn how to embroider a face on the poor fellow. Neither of us are looking forward to it).
Also coming to the blog, the finished scarf from this haul. I believe the knitting will be completed tomorrow night. Then - I take on a new pair of socks, I think from one of the sock yarns pictured in this last picture. And see the lovely hank of purple yarn on the far left? That's a shawl for Jen's mom - I think I'm going to knit her one from the Shall knitting Ministry book. Lovely.
Till then!

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