Monday, February 12, 2007

Socks! Socks that Block!

What's this? Why, it's a sock blocker! Chris made this (and several others) for me over the weekend. We used a guide found here and they were easy to make and they seem to work really well.

I really wanted some blockers ever since I went on a bit of a sock yarn buying binge a few months ago and the aquired sock yarn from my visit to the yarn farm, but just couldn't seem to get myself to fork over the $25 average cost for plastic blockers. You can see a sock on one of the blockers here (sock made for the Sock Hop this fall). I love these socks and since they're ready for a wash (I've been wearing them quite a lot lately) I'm finding that they shape really well with these - and the hanger tops are nice for a quickie dry block hanging.

Valentines ready to be filled in and sent out to those we love are also on the table.

These are my newest socks on the needles. I am so in love with this yarn. The yarn is from my yarn farm buying visit - called Rainforest (75% Merino, 25% Acrylic, Hand Dyed, 7-8 sts on size US 2 needles). The pattern is from Knit Socks! By Betsy Lee McCarthy. This book has become my "go to" sock knitting patterns. Everything on the web lately seems to be toe up with that crochet cast on with wraps (the heel totally confuses me). I have downloaded Wendy's extended tutorial on how to manage her socks, but haven't had time to hunker down and practice it, so for some satifying knitting, I'm going with what I know.

Now, WNBC is predicting a possible Nor-Easter for us on Wednesday. I would just love a winter day on the couch mid-week to nurture my Season Affective Disorder. I've been feeling the need to just settle into a corner of the couch and be quiet. This would be an excellent fuel for that need. Let's all pray for snow!

Over the weekend, Chris and I checked out Helen Mirron in The Queen (Excellent movie and Ms. Mirron is totally worth the hype - she rocks).

That's all the news that's fit to blog!

I'm going to go sign Valentine's and

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