Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From Dublin with Love...

Chris and I have just completed the major cleaning of the apartment that only happens when two people have company arriving. We've scrubbed and washed and straightend up everything - which really means that we've taken everything that we don't want seen and tossed it haphazardly into our bedroom. I took a moment and thought about posting a picture of my bedroom for your viewing pleasure - I then re-thought this and wanted to keep you all as friends. The bedroom is awful. There is a pile of clean laundry that is stacked so high on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed that a wall has been created. The other night I had a moment of panic when Chris pulled a t-shirt from the middle of the pile and it began to sway. I was sure that a landslide would ensue and that I would be lost forever under a pile of jeans and sheets.

What I can show you involves knitting, but a bit of a knitting tragedy...

Sample of the tragic knitting#1:

One sock knitted - one sock with a turned heel and gusset shaping well underway. Maybe you can't see the tragic portion of this yet... it's coming.

Okey dokey... I've got myself two heels that have been knitted in a different stitch pattern. The completed sock has been knitted in a way that I can't seem to duplicate - no matter what I do! This leads to some strange questions I have to ask about myself... Was I drinking when I knit this first sock? Was Chris telling me something important and I was on knitting auto pilot? All I can say is that I've clearly crashed and burned here. A trip to the frog pond in the near future. Sigh.


Oh - and from Dublin with Love? Why that's where our company is coming from. Johnny the Brit, who lives in Dublin will arrive here in NYC for a week of fun tomorrow. We're all headed out to Coney Island for a little fun this holiday weekend! Pictures!

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