Monday, August 28, 2006

It's getting Cozy around here

There has been knitting here at Yarnal Knowledge, even if there hasn't been daily posting. I'm working away on Cozy from a past Knitty. It's going to be the perfect thing to keep the chill off in my extremely cold office. Nothing like working in a snow suit in August - this will be far more attractive. The stitch pattern is pretty simple and a lot of fun to work. Of course, I'm no knitting fool - I've got some lifelines in at the top up there. I've learned that when you love TV the way I do and you to knit the way I do and you often combine these two events - I'd best be puttin in that lifelife 'cause it's simple to miss a yarn over and need rip and once you get this far, it would break the old heart to have to start over! Here's the stitch pattern close up - unblocked of course.

Pretty, pretty lace! I'm not using a yarn that even comes close to the one called for in the pattern, but I figured, what the hell? It's a shawl and the yarn isn't about to undersize it, so why not go for it? It's been nice - a little stash busting, which all of us can appreciate.

Time to go spend time making up some dinner. I was home today, so the old ball and chain is hoping for something yummy and homemade - I'm thinking Crunchy Citrus Chicken, Potatoes and green beans with almonds. Yum!

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