Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Just a friendly reminder dear blog readers, be sure to vote today. Don't tell me who you're voting for or who you're not voting for, but seriously - just get out there and let your voice be heard. A lot people sacrificed a lot so that you can do this - be sure to cast your vote and be a part of this historical election today.

C. and I have already voted this morning and it felt great. The mood in the hour-long line was one of excitement and hope for a better future. I hope you'll feel the same when you pull the lever, touch the screen or punch the chad.

The lines are long, so grab a coffee, grab some portable knitting, or do like me and grab your spouse and enjoy some time hanging out together in line.

For now, it's all the news that's fit to knit!

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Darren said...

Went and voted at 1:45ish - tried to miss the morning, lunch and after-work rushes. And it worked. No line whatsoever. In. Voted. Out.

Then walked over to the Starbucks across from the office and got my free coffee. Not too shabby!

Now we're in for a long night of watching the media coverage.