Monday, November 17, 2008


The fingerless mitts that I started in an effort to revive my delicate self from the mouse incident, have turned out to be fantastic. Here's an image of one of them. Doncha love the cables? I finished this brown pair, started a pink pair and have decided that I need a pair in black. I wore them today and they rocked. They kept my hands warm, but allowed me to use my fingers for important things like, iPod surfing, key operation and signature making.

I think these will be stuffed in atleast four stockings this Christmas. Yay!

Mouse update:

Haven't seen one since the last update. We found the traps that I wanted that lure the mouse in and then hide their little carcases away from me. They are in place and seem to be remining empty (so far). Of course, since I wrote this last paragraph, I've thought I'd heard the mouse twice. I've checked once and resisted once. Stay tuned.

So the needles are full of fingerless mitts! C. says that no man would be caught dead wearing them with their fancy cables. He's getting coal.

Till next time, it's all the news that's fit to knit!

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