Thursday, November 13, 2008

And it goes on!

War has been waging here at casa de Yarnal and so far the tally is:
Us: 1 and the Mouse: 0

We lay our trap last night and no more than fifteen minutes later the all knowing sound of the snap - that sounds seems to echo to your little ears no matter where you are in the house. Lucky for me, my wonderful husband is willing to be the person in our house who handles the after the "snap" aftermath. He really doesn't have a choice - I won't go near it.

I've been thinking about who's actually winning this war. This is what my kitchen looks like right now:

The other side of the kitchen (hey, I live in NYC - I'm rocking the galley kitchen like everyone else!)

As a result of this awful intruder, I've had to store all of the appliances that you would normally find on the counter top. In NYC, space is at a premium and it hurts me deeply to surrender this space to a furry little squatter. Besides, doesn't that beautiful Artisan mixer just scream to be on display? I loooove it!
I feel the need to store the appliances because I know the little mice run along the wall and counter - where the back of each appliance is. I've had to sanitize all of the backs of each appliance (some had poop on them!) every day that we had a mouse encounter. The mouse has worn me down - and here I am, giving up my space:

In an effort to comfort myself, I have started on a pair of fingerless gloves, using a pattern from Knitty called "Fetching". It's been a very popular knit in the knit-o-universe, so I dug into the stash and came up with some chocolate / chestnut Patons Classic Wool Merino. Excellent!

Wish me luck tonight. C. is kind enough not to set traps while I'm working from home. The trauma of finding one that is occupied would prove to be far too much.
Till tomorrow, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

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