Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Save the Date

Life must go on while I'm knitting / crocheting this Queen sized blanket for C. The wedding is slowly starting to take my attention now that we're past the holidays and starting in on February. I've got a to-do list that's starting to demand some respect.

Speaking of the holidays, back around Christmastime when I was separated from my sweetheart by miles and miles and miles of states and highways, I went out to dinner with my family for a little bonding and plan making. I love my family, in the time since I've been engaged, we found our way back to each other. I feel like we're closer than ever - in a good way. So, long story short, my mother and sister-in-law (read: mother of the bride and matron of honor) get me soaking drunk on margarita's and ushered me over to the local craft store to talk me into making things for the wedding.

Now, for the record, when I was stone cold sober, I was staunchly against hand - making anything for the wedding . Apparently, three fish-bowl margaritas, or whatever the hell they called them, had swung my vote.

So now, I've just spent the last half hour on a conference call where my brand of expertise wasn't really needed, with my phone on mute while I hand fed 100+ save the date cards through the printer. Sigh. Next step: punch out Maple Leaves from card stock, stick foam riser square on them and apply maple leaf to front of card. Yeah - I'm screwed.

I figure the best way to avoid being angry over my need to create so many of these, using so many steps, is to do the steps slowly - making it seem like it's less. Either that, or it's back to the fish bowl margarita.

Surprisingly, the biggest effort of all has been getting the mothers to cough up their mailing lists. I'm starting to wonder if booking the room that cannot take more than 150 people - no matter what, was a very good idea...

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