Friday, January 25, 2008

Knit the world a woobie

A few months back, C. and I hit the Yarn Farm for last ever big private sale.

C. asked that I would make him a giant woobie - basically, a queen sized woobie. He picked out this cotton, wool, silk blend and I bought 35 skeins (200yds. per skein). It's this lovely gray / lavender color.

Knowing better than to try to knit a queen sized blanket and not really wanting to sew together a million squares and really wanting a reversable blanket, I decided to crochet the bad boy.

So, this is what's been on the needle - or shall I say, crochet hook.

I'm not sure how wide we are - at least queen sized and the length, if I use every skein will be 105 inches. We're getting married this year and I've got a number of months to work on this. I'm hoping to give it to him as a wedding present.

Currently, it looks like a big heap - but in no time, it'll look like a larger heap. I know I'll be loving this thing in February and March and loating it in August! I've got to get it done before the summer heat really sets in.

To everyone who sent lovely messages about our hard trip to NC for C's grandfather's funeral, thank you so very much.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to Kn...Crochet!

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