Monday, March 12, 2007

It's My Birthday and I don't want to cry!

It's my birthday! I'm sort of surprised that I'm advertising it because last night I was telling Chris that I wasn't going to acknowledge the day. But I'm feeling good about it right now, so here we are. It's a beautiful day and people who I love have lavished me with good wishes, pretty cards and even a present or two (Chris gave me the book "Teach yourself Visually Knitting Design". I'm really excited about this book and was totally surprised that he remembered that I had dug it in the bookstore a few months ago.)

My mom gave me a beautiful sweater, my friends gave me a new purse that knocked my socks off - I love it (pictures to come when I've got my camera) and Chris and I are off to dinner with friends tonight to celebrate a little more.

So, in these here 31 years, I've collected the best friends on earth - expanded my amazing family by adding Chris and his crew and basically made myself a very happy little life. I couldn't be happier than I am right now. My life is good and stable and solid and very, very happy. I've been lucky enough to be loved by the best people on earth - you don't get better than that.

A shout out to my mom. We had quite an adventure together 31 years ago today. Thank you so much for giving me this life, mom. I really love it and to date, it's the best present ever! : )

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Darren said...

Sweet 31st! I remember back in the carefree days of our youth, when you were throwing my car into neutral for no reason as we were driving down the road, when we thought 30 and beyond was SOOOOO old.

Not as old as we thought back then, huh? Heck, if we'd known how happy/content/pleased with life we would be right now, we would've been in a hurry to get here!

Hope your day was fan-freaking-tastic!