Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Birthday Presents!

Yesterday, this old fart ordered herself up a birthday present:

It's a Nifty Swift from the Knitting Zone. I'm soooo excited. I've really held off ordering a swift and have been abusing Chris instead by forcing him to help me wind skeins. It's usually a slippery slope we walk when one of us (usually Chris) mans the ball winder and the other has to do a goofy dance running yarn around two dining room chairs in order to achieve knitting bliss. I'll miss these days, but am content to allow them to be happy memories and to be replaced by this new toy!

I had formed some opinions on what I need to have if and when entering into a long term relationship with a Swift. I mean, $62.50 isn't chump change and I'm hoping that this is sort of the Rolls Royce of swifts. At the very least, it better be pretty darn Nifty Swifty, if you know what I mean. I had decided against the umbrella / clamp to the table swift because truth be known, I don't love the look of them and I kind of hate to clamp things to my furniture. I've made an exception with the ball winder, but I think I'm at my clamping max. So I wanted it to be table top, but to still fold up for New York City apartment living space issues. This seems to fit the bill and I do think it looks kind of Nifty too - so hey. And the good people at Knitting Zone gave me free shipping and I got an email this morning that it has already shipped out Priority mail. This means I could have it tomorrow or Thursday. It could be a Swifty weekend for me! Happy Birthday!

Shout out to Darren - whose comment yesterday had me laughing for awhile this morning. There was a time in high school when I would ride around in Darren's car and he would do things like pick a dark and scary back road to pretend that the head lights went out on the car. I would scream and sometimes flail with fear - which one time resulted in me throwing the moving car into neutral at an inappropriate time. Who knew cars could make noises like that? Oh, good times!

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Darren said...

You know, I drove down that rode late one night when I was home in PA recently. It's still darn spooky.

Good times. Good times.

And I'm glad to hear that you splurged for your birthday. That's what birthdays are all about. It's your own personal little holiday and, in my mind, it should be treated as such.