Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Nifty Swifty

Look what came in the mail! It's my Nifty Swift. I can't say enough about The Knitting Zone. I ordered this at about noon or 1 pm on Monday and it was in my hands Wednesday morning. I also didn't pay shipping on the swift because it was over $50. A great feature! They sent me an email right away confirming the order and by the next morning I had the shipping / tracking information. It was a wonderful experience.

What really surprised me upon arrival was the size of the box:

(Ball of yarn included for scale)

Yeah - it's a small box, it turns out that my swift is a portable swift. When I got home, I pulled it out of the box and it assembled in two easy steps and I was winding yarn in no time. It took longer to clamp my winder to the table than to set up the swift. It takes up almost no room and can easily break down to fit inside this box, but I've got to tell you it is so pretty that I don't think I'll ever want to put it away. It's now in my knitting corner looking pretty.

Another shot for you.

Another small victory is that I finally wrapped my mind around Wendy's toe up sock pattern and I've got to tell you - that girl is on to something. The toes on these are great and the heel is super too. I really like this. Since I learned how to knit socks top down, learning to knit toe up was kind of like learning the ABC's backwards. But once you sit down with the tv off and really think about the instructions Wendy gives it does click and end up making pretty good sense. I think I may be a convert. Thanks Wendy!

On a sad note I've got to send a prayer out to my Aunt Carol - she very unexpectedly had a seizure today and is having brain surgery tomorrow. I love my Aunt Carol and I've very recently come to understand how much she loves me. My heart is fearful tonight - I just want her to be well. If you've got an extra prayer available, I beg you to give it to her. Trust me, she deserves all the best wishes everyone's got.

That's all the news that's fit to knit.

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