Friday, September 08, 2006

Shoot The Freak!

No knitting, or nothing that has changed on the cozy shawl (its gotten longer, but it would certainly look exactly the same to you!) so I'm giving you the pictures from my first trip to Coney Island with Chris and our pal Jonny from Ireland! Jonny left this afternoon for home and we'll miss him - but he left us with a lot of great memories from a great visit.

Of course when one goes to Coney Island, one has opportunities to participate in many cultural events - like shoot the freak. This consists of you forking over six bucks and getting to man a pain gun while the announcer's buddy runs around in an alley below the board walk and you attempt to shoot him. When they get eight people lined up that freak gets shot a lot! What a racket.

Look! More freaks! Circus Freaks!

They were a lot of fun to watch, but the crowds were really thick, so we moved on to...

It's the Cyclone! The oldest wooden roller coaster in the world. That's right people, in the world!
And yes, my ass was on that ride and I screamed my head off and loved every terrifying moment of it. What a blast.

We did wait to do this until after the Cyclone:

Nathan's hot dogs. Some of the best stuff on earth. Yum!

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