Friday, August 08, 2008

Slip and Fall Friday

They've been filming in my apartment building yesterday and today. Of course, I was trekking out of our apartment for some provisions at the bodega down the street when I had to pass a crew member on our narrow marble steps. I was, of course, wearing totally impractical summer sandals and just as a go pass this film crew dude, I slipped. I fell. I fell all the way down the steps on my butt - which is ample and should've provided much padding, but it didn't. I can barely sit today. Le Sigh. What a freaking klutz! I hope they didn't get it on film.

I am ready to cast on for the Olympics tonight! I Just need to wind my seacell yarn.

Are you ok? You're clutching your heart? Why? Oh, you're in disbelief that any knitting content is on this knit blog? I don't blame you. Take a few deep breaths. It's true, I am knitting!

(I also understand that some of the knit readers are just clutching their chests over the seacell. I understand, my future mother-in-law gave me this yarn for Christmas. I can't wait to use it. 70% wool, 30% Seacell! YAY!).

I'm making the Eloping garter from Knitty. I'm looking forward to wearing some kind of hand knit for the wedding too. I'm so glad this came out right in time for my wedding. Thank you designer Abigail van Roode and Kristi Geraci!

Keeping up with Favorite things Friday, here's one of my favorite mixing bowls. I love it because it has high sides and I can't splash with the mixer, no matter how hard I try. It also has built in non-slip bottom. I really dig it.
So, we're all about the Olympics now! Enjoy the opening ceremonies. I'm going to go take an advil, my butt hurts - but not as badly as my pride.
Till next time, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

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Anonymous said...

Hope your bottom is healing...that is SO something I would do! If they did get in on film, send it out:) Love ya!