Monday, August 11, 2008

Key Lime Time

Right around C.'s birthday I was shopping in the supermarket when I ran into a bag of key limes. Real Key Limes! I have to admit, I'd never, in all of my 32 short years encountered an actual in-real-life key lime. I've been to Florida Keys, I've eaten Key Lime Pie, I've had drinks calling themselves key lime drinks, I've used the key lime in de coconut bath and body works shower scrub, on and on and on, but a real key lime? Never!

Here ya go - lemme just tell ya, if you know a good physical therapist, contact him/her prior to making your own from-scratch Key Lime Pie - as juicing these babies is a true pain in the wrist!

This is my Brooklyn kitchen - highlights: you'll recognized my favorite things Friday mixing bowl (it's actually a set of three - so you'll see another in this pic), you'll see my cool new microwave that is actually also a grill - it's funky! And the cool new spice rack we got for a shower present (love you Martha Stewart! and JoAnn for purchasing it for us!). You'll also see my favorite depression glass juicer - I scored that baby at the church yard sale for $3 in 1996. It was love at first site. Can you see my sheep and chicken? (see top of microwave) and the most precious thing is in the lower left hand corner...the dishwasher - a rare and exotic thing in a pre-war New York City apartment. We're very lucky.
This is a closer look at my depression glass juicer with a key lime in action. That's a no-slip thing underneath it. Those little limes we're a real bear to squeeze by hand, but man was it worth it when C. sliced into this:
Deelish! Knitting for the garter is almost done - I may be subbing yarn shortly...and I need some elastic....but till tomorrow, that's all the news that's fit to knit. Next time on cooking with Yarnal, Fruit Pie! YAY!
PS - I took the juice of about 15 key limes, egg yolks, sugar, etc...and mixed and poured into a graham craker crust and then in the oven...if you want my receipe, PM me and I'll be happy to share!

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Anonymous said...

You had to have scored big points for that one! You're getting married ONE Month from TOMORROW!