Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Alphabet Meme

I’m watching the coolest chicks on the planet, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh kick Olympic beach volleyball butt and just messing around on the innertubes…so here we are:

A. Attached or single? Getting married in 23 days! What does that make me? Technically still single I guess. But I do have a marriage license!
B. Best friend? My fiancé
C. Cake or pie? I like fruit pies with ice cream better than cake.
D. Day of choice? I’m a Saturday morning kinda gal – the whole weekend seems so free and clear and long on Saturday mornings.
E. Essential item? Knitting or a book; I think books win out.
F. Favorite color? I like blues, greens, white.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears
H. Hometown? Pittsburgh, PA
I. Indulgence? Some dear friends of ours own a restaurant in Westchester NY and going there to eat Pascal’s cooking is one of the greatest indulgences in my life. I literally eat that meal with my eyes half closed from savoring. My other indulgence? People magazine when I fly. I just need it.
J. January or July? January
K. Kids? Maybe some day
L. Life isn’t complete without? My fiancé, football season, good friends and good beer.
M. Marriage date? September 13, 2008
N. Number of brothers & sisters? One brother, he’s a punk! And I love him.
O. Oranges or apples? apples
P. Phobias? Mice in the house. I really hate them in my house – outside is fine, inside not so much.
Q. Quotes? “Fall down seven times, get up eight”
R. Reasons to smile? Oh, holy cow – I’m so stinking blessed! I have every reason on earth to smile. I’m getting married to the best guy who despite everything loves the stuffing out of me. I’ve got a healthy family, a good job and a roof over my head. I’m doing just fine.
S. Season of choice? Fall
T. Tag seven peeps! Won’t do it! If you want it, take it!
U. Unknown fact about me? I secretly want to be in a rock band. Guitar Hero is arriving tomorrow via UPS – I will rock! Ask my friends from college, I was the original Langham Hall deejay jazzy kris and the fresh me, spinning discs on my cd.player. So stinking dorky!
V. Vegetable or Potatoes? Potatoes (but I loooove veggies!)
W. Worst habits? Being a “Reactor / Reactionary” I’m working on it.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Seriously, how about x-files or Gilmore girls for this question? I’d rather skip both of these please, cue my Gilmore Girls.
Y. Your favorite food? Anything Pascal cooks (order the mussels, the basa fish and extra rolls and extra Merlot trust me). I love too much food. It’s why I’m chubby.
Z. Zodiac sign? Pieces

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