Friday, April 20, 2007

Stuff Happens and Sometimes You Lose Knitting Time

Well, I think it's true that Spring is knocking on our door and in celebration that the sun was shining after days and days of destructive rain - I bought myself a new spring rain coat. It's blue and I love it.

With Spring comes Chris' new play - which I'm sure will be fantastic. He's been on a gruelling schedule for the last few weeks and even now at 11:03 PM I'm waiting for him to get back from tech. With the launch of the new show Chris' parents have decided that they're going to come up from North Carolina the first weekend in May. I'm thrilled because I love Chris' parents - they are my family. I really feel that for them and as far as the future in laws go, I've hit the jack pot.

Now here's the real question - what is it in our brains, ladies, that makes us lose all rational thought when we hear that our future mother in law is coming to visit us in our home, which we share with their baby boy, for the first time ever?

I think it's this:

This being the state of our guest room as of 11:00 PM tonight. This is essentially my walk in closet. Chris, being the most fantastic guy ever, has basically given this room over to me and my whimsy. The closet is almost all mine and that dresser over there was purchased for me last Thanksgiving as an early Christmas present (I love it, by the way) and save for two bookcases that you can't see in the left side of the room , everything in here is mine. All of that crap on the bed - yeah, it belongs to me.

Now, the room is currently crammed with a lot of post meeting supplies that I haven't had a chance to take back to the office yet - so that stuff (like a printer on the bed and boxes of name tags, tent cards, emergency band aids and cough drops, etc. are crammed on the floor. Sigh.

I've got some work to do because the parents will be sleeping in the guest room for the four days they'll be here. I would like to make this an oasis for them - but I do live in Brooklyn and though I have a huge master bedroom (and this one isn't shabby for city living - it's much deeper than you can see in this shot) and storage space is limited a bigger overhaul of the apartment is needed. I'm going to spend the weekend moving things here and there and making space where space isn't available in other closets (read: the master bedroom - where Chris keeps most of his stuff). It's past time to do this overhaul and when other guests have come to visit I haven't worried about shoving things under the bed and messily into the closet cause people really don't care about stuff like that. Only I do when it concerns Chris' mother.

Now I need to refer you to the paragraph that started this conversation - Chris' mom and dad are so great! I know in my heart that she will never, ever, ever look behind the bed, under the box of yarn and white glove test my floor. She's not into that and I think as long as she has a place to rest and she gets to visit with Chris, she'll be a happy camper. Why does my list of things to do include "pressing the good table cloth", "scrub out fridge", "move couch" and my personal favorite "organize under kitchen sink and in all kitchen cabinets - put nice cups and glass at front of cabinet". I have no idea why I feel this urge to make the place perfect - maybe I want to make sure she knows that I really am taking good care of her baby boy and that the possibilities of him being smothered by our enormous piles of crap should they fall on him in the night are really very slim.

Other problems about the house:

We've got 12 foot ceilings and 10 1/2 foot doors. Our doors are really huge - this is the door to my bathroom. I guess it would be strange if we had normal size doors and really big ceilings - and to tell you the truth, I have no idea how they got these suckers up the stairwell and in here. They are huge! I bought a really cute over the door hanging thingy for guests to use for their towels (other guests have used door knobs, but you know, I'm crazy this time around). The hanger doesn't fit over this door because it's so big it has to be thick and even if it did fit - only someone on stilts (awful idea to use stilts straight out of the bath) could reach up there to hang their towel. The hanger thingy has to be returned. I hate returning things and if I follow my usual pattern of "saving it until I have a house - that being smothered in the night thing becomes more likely.

I leave you with this - the first registration table setting for my new company! I'm so thrilled!

For now, that's all the news (and no knitting) that's fit to knit.

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Darren said...

Making the house spotless for "important" guests, I think, is a natural human instinct. It seems to be especially strong on females. When Pat visited this past weekend, we spent ALL DAY on Saturday cleaning the place up. (We don't have as many piles of stuff, but we currently have 2 cats and 3 dogs roaming around. I could empty the vacuum and knit a couple sweaters. If I could knit. And if sweaters made of pet fur sounded remotely not-gross.) :D