Saturday, April 14, 2007

Radio Silence Broken

I'm back - I know things have been quiet here at chez Yarnal Knowledge, but work has been over the top busy. My new company had a very big week with its first two programs running. Both were a big success and the future is looking bright. Of course, success with launching a new company often sucks time out of the old personal life. I've been in that category for the last three weeks. Knitting time has been pretty non-existant. Here's a current picture of my yarn basket. I have been sticking to the "knit from you stash-a-long" rules and haven't bought any yarn since the trip to the yarn farm at the beginning of the year. That basket looks pretty yummy, doesn't it? Now I'm just trying to figure out what my next project will be.
I have finished one of my Romancing the Yarn socks....
These are great summer socks and I love the stretch of the yarn. Nancy was right though - the yarn is a bit tough on the fingers.
Today is my first day off in about a month. I'm spending it reading the new Knit Simple and working on the second sock. I'm watching mindless tv and finishing a written list of chores that I should complete as Chris' parents are coming for a visit and to see him in his new show. If I could just get my butt off of this couch...

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