Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sock Hop/Branching Out/Haunted Pirate Ships

Ok fellow sock hoppers, I know I need to "hop to it" (sorry, I had too...) but I'm almost done with the first sock and hopefully I can finish it up this week so that I can cast on for my second sock. I'm really enjoying knitting these and do like the Knit Picks Pallet - though this color (called blush) seems to look a little dull - not sure why. I've got a slew of this yarn in a ton of colors (I went on a sock yarn bender one lonely night when it was just me, the lap top, some beer and apparently my credit card... ) it resulted in a very fun shipment from KP. These things happen. We just have to move on and knit some socks. I'll show you a picture of how many balls of this yarn I actually have stashed next time.

In the meantime - this has been stealing some of my sock knitting time:

"Branching Out" from a 2005 issue of Knitty. I love this pattern (click on the picture for a better view) and spent part of my weekend working out how I can make this into a fun blanket. I think the math is complete and after I finish the socks, this scarf and a hat - I'm going to cast on for that blanket. Fun! Fun! Not sure what yarn I'll use to make the blanket, but the scarf is knitted in Knit Picks Shine - color is grass. I love this yarn. It really does shine, the cotton is wonderful and silky. I've got 3/4 of the cardi "Sitcom Chic" knitted up in this stuff (I sadly got stuck on the pattern and haven't been able to figure out what to do. I'm totally stuck and think I'm in for a trip to the frog pond. In the mean time, I totally dipped into the stash for that sweater and liberated this neglected yarn.)

The hat is also from Knitty and I've had my eye on making it:

From the 2003 Knitty archives - Lacecap. I realize that this cap isn't exactly practical for an East Coast, New York City winter, but really, what about cute little hats is ever practical? Cute is cute, not practical. So hopefully, I'll be wearing a nice little set of hat and scarf before the really cold weather sets in.

In other news, Chris and I spent the day building a haunted pirate ship for Halloween in our dear friend Jen and Adam's front yard in New Haven. Assisted by half the neighborhood kids, I was too busy having a grand time to run inside and grab the camera. These things also happen.

In other news - The Steelers won today 45-7. Oh yeah baby. It's football season!


kshotz said...

Hey, great socks fellow Sock Hopper! How do you like the KP yarn?? I've been sorely tempted when viewing their website....thankfully I would have had to walk past DH for the credit card, so that slowed me down. ;-)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Lovely sock! I think the color is very nice. Not dull at all. Is that a garter rib pattern you're using?

I can see why the scarf is stealing your time - it's beautiful and very appealing for this time of year.

Sock on!