Friday, October 27, 2006

Put Up Your Dukes!

Ok - blogger is playing nice again - so lets try this out... what I meant to say when I first sat down to write, is that I'm home from work today. Well, reverse that -- I'm working from home today. Its been great - mostly because I was home when the UPS guy brought me this:

I got it from my points program through my credit card. It's actually a portable alarm clock/stereo for my iPod! How cool is this? I can wake and sleep to my music or podcasts and it's portable. It also comes with a remote - so we can just use it as a stereo. It fits both my mini and Chris' Video iPod. So cool. I'm loving this!

Ok - knitting content. You'll be very proud of me because even though I am in the throws of trying to open a business, I have also been carving out time to knit. I told you in the last post that I'd show off some of the insanity of a late night shopping trip to the Knit Picks website:

I've made a few pairs of socks too - there are about four balls of yarn that are in sock form missing from this picture. I've got a good stash of sock yarn going here. I think I need some self striping...and I have to admit, though I know this is tired and everyone on god's green earth is talking about it, but I want some Socks That Rock. I'm so into getting my hands on some and I just don't know when this could happen and I'm not going to do anything nice when I get this yarn - I'm going to be totally selfish. I will pet the yarn, knit the yarn and wear the yarn all to myself. I know this. Someday - I will get my hands on some of that yarn so that I can know what all of the fuss is about.

Here us almost one whole ball from the above yarn group - another pair of socks for the Sock Hop!

After an hour of trying to get blogger to upload a fe more pictures, I am bowing out of the fight. Blogger wins. I will show you even more pictures of some finished socks (a complete pair!) at another time.

As for the rest of things...well, I'm working hard to launch the new company, finish school and keep our current company going. It's a busy time, but Chris is taking me to the theater tonight, so I'm looking forward to that and hoping very much to squeeze in a nap before having to leave! I hope your weekend will be wonderful!

PS - Does anyone else find it ironic that blogger's spell check always lists the word "blogger" as a misspelled word? Hmm.

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