Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Real

I had a whole blog post written and now it has been eaten! So I'm sorry for the brief update. It's been an up and down kind of day. I'm really looking forward to getting home for the holidays and yet I've got a long way to go with work before we peel out next week.

I just found out through facebook that an old friend from high school has passed away. I haven't spoken to this friend in years, but when we were in school we were really good friends. In fact, he once bought me a teddy bear - a bear that has been a favorite from the moment he was given to me. My friend even named the bear and there are times when I'm making up the bed and putting James da bear on my pillow that this friend comes to mind. I'm so sorry he's gone. 32 is far too young to leave the world and its far too young to feel that life is not a joy.

Though my heart is heavy I believe and so I am not afraid for him.

In knitting news, my mother in law asked for a hand knit scarf as a Christmas present - I love that woman! She loves a hand knit and I really appreciate that! She's a fellow knitter / crafter and an overall awesome lady. I hit the the inlaw jackpot - just love em!

Till tomorrow, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

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