Friday, March 13, 2009


I turned 33 yesterday. It was a nice quiet birthday – not much pomp, but I spent it with C. and that was terrific. We went to dinner here in the Slope at a place owned by some other Yinzers (read: Pittsburghers). It was so nice to be around some people from home. I love Pittsburghers, they’re just so great. It made me feel at home and homesick all at the same time. The food was terrific. The cauliflower puree was sooo deelish! I’m still thinking about it.

The big news of the month is that C. and I are finally headed to Europe.

We’ve been kindly invited to Johnny’s wedding in Dublin, Ireland. We’ll be headed there and then taking a side trip to Paris. It feels like a dream that I might be able to make this trip. Is Europe real? I mean, I know it is, but this will be my first trip and I just can’t wait to experience something so new to me. I love history and learning – so this will be a trip of a lifetime. It will even better to see Johnny and Aisling tie the knot – couldn't happen to two nicer people. I'm trying to learn French off of iTunes podcasts...wish me luck.

Speaking of weddings; six months ago today I was getting hitched! Happy anniversary, Mr. C.

I find that coming into my 33rd year is good. I think I’ve turned a corner. I’ve spent the last few months trying to get a handle on insecurity and have been trying to become a positive thinker. It’s paying off in spades. My life is calmer, more centered and my mind is quieter, more focused.

We’re moving in a few weeks – one of our least favorite past times and we’ll be giving up a precious Saturday to drive around Westchester county in search of a place to live. I’m hoping to find the following three amenities (for the record, I don’t think these are much to ask for, but apparently here in NY, they are):

A washer / dryer in my apartment. I’m so tired of sending my clothes out to be laundered. Many of you are thinking “if I could send out my laundry, have it washed, folded and returned to me, I’d be in heaven!” and I hear you – it’s nice. On the flip side, we loose clothes, have clothes shrunk and tend to see that the life time of our clothes is much shorter. I just want to be able to wash my own stuff when I want to. Sheer laziness often causes some questionable laundry pile ups here at casa de Yarnal.
An assigned parking spot – or tons and tons of parking. I hate to look for on street parking – especially at night and in November. November creeps me out. Something about the wind, often the rain and the dark at 4:30 PM.
The ability to have a doggie at the new digs. I really want to adopt a dog.

As for knitting, I’m working on the Diamonds and Pearls Shawl from the KBoy. I love it. I really do! It’s a fun knit and how great is this yarn? It makes me think of Neapolitan ice cream or cupcakes or some kind of pastry.

For now, this is all the news that's fit to knit.

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