Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok dudes, I'm feeling much better after getting everything out last night. Thank goodness for blog confessions - it helps you keep it real. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to be stress free - I'm not sure anyone ever is. But I'm doing some reading on simplifying my life - but more on that another day.

Today, we're talking about honeymooning. C. will tell you that the week after our wedding is not an "official" honeymoon. We'll be traveling to Europe next year once he a. procures his updated passport b. we have time off again c. we have money again (this wedding is a huge money-suck).

Until then, we're hitting the Finger Lakes! We're off to Lake Seneca, the Toganenwood Estate B&B and something called "The Wine Trail" (that sounds so lovely right now!)

The pictures posted here are from our B&B's website. We'll post a review upon our return...

So far, so good though - the proprietor seems so lovely and she told me about this little beauty:

It's a "Champagne Bath Tub" and it's right in my room! Apparently it isn't the typical jacuzzi tub, but rather it creates a gazillion champagne bubbles to surround you and relax you. I plunked my credit card down on this room with this tub faster than you can say "stressed much?"

So we've been reading Great Destinations - a complete guide to The Finger Lakes Book (3rd edition, Dyson). We're really happy with the book, it seems to give the History, Lodging, culture, dining, recreation, etc... Can't wait!

Now to find out where they keep their knitting shops!

Till tomorrow, it's all the news that's fit to knit!


Anonymous said...

Oh My...can I please come. I'll only use the tub when you're out of the room, of course. That's my kind of honeymoon for sure.

Kristin said...

If you think I'm getting out of that tub at any point, you're crazy! ha, ha!