Monday, June 23, 2008

No Cents!

The invitations have arrived and they’re beautiful! Thank goodness! Big sigh of relief.

Much to my chagrin they will cost $0.59 to mail. Now riddle me this – most wedding invitations are the size that I ordered, so why on earth would the postage stamp with the wedding heart on it be $0.58 forcing me to add a crappy $0.01 stamp? It forces us to handle all of the invitations even more. Sigh. Has anyone ever used those stamps services where you make your own stamps, with their own value? Maybe I should do that.

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Darren said...

The stamp printing world can't keep up with the constantly rising cost of postage. That's a super-irritating story, though. Even if you get 59¢ stamps printed, you're left with a bunch of 58¢ stamps.

The good news is that, after the wedding, you'll never have to worry about all the annoying "wedding planning" ever again. Ever.