Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scarves and Weekends

I think as knitters we go through phases. Sometimes phases result in obsessions - things that we just need to get knit out of our systems. After years of knitting and being unafraid to try any type of knitting (except steeks - they freak my freak), I'm finding my heart in scarves. I just finished this one (The cross stitch scarf from One Skein Wonders) and I loved knitting every stitch. I just cast on for the Diagonal Lace Scarf (a find through Ravelry). I'm enjoying it in a way that is indescribable. I think I went through my scarf phase when I first learned to knit and after that, I looked at them as a beginner's project - I need bigger challenges like mittens, socks, sweaters and even knitted toys. I totally expect that something will come along to steal my attention away from the scarf, but for the here and now, I'm going to enjoy my scarves.

I've taken a few side trips too - I made C. this cable hat:

It's totally past season, but we'll put it in the hand knits winter bin in the hall closet and it'll be at the ready for him next year. Looooved knitting this too - it was simple and repetitive and I got lost in my thoughts while knitting it.

I've even cast on for a tank for the summer, but the spell has been cast by scarves. I'm just going with the flow - letting myself stock pile Christmas gifts for later in the year (could I possibly be ready for the holidays this year???) Won't I look smart and impressive if in the year of my wedding, I'm able to outfit the whole family in warm woolen scarves for the holidays? I like the idea of that. Good little haus frau keeps the house clean (yeah right), makes impressive and lovely dinners every night (as if) and knits scarves for the whole family (could actually happen).

I love the yarn for this tank - it's lovely. (Grat-uitous ring shot, turn your head if you hate those).

Next Saturday, I'm taking a spinning class at The Point in NYC. I've just come to understand that when I tell non-knitters about my spinning class - they believe I'm headed to the gym. I find that hilarious. So I'm taking this class and I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, I've got to go to the city on the same weekend the Pope is in town. Wish me luck. I'm planning to leave hella early from the Slope.

This weekend has been great for me. Yesterday, C. and I had a sleep in, walked to the farmer's market where we only bought Challah Bread (Holla!) for the most dee-lish french toast with blueberries this morning (already consumed - already deeper in love with C.) and then we meandered along the Avenue, popping in and out of shops until we were tired. We headed back here, I made a blueberry pie (we're into the anti-oxidant powers of the blueberry this weekend), C. made Chicken Mole, refried beans and rice and we shared a beer. We've got a Thin Man movie from Net Flix for tonight and I've got the Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery right now.

It's been a nice weekend - I'm on the couch, the Diagonal Scarf that I'm bewitched by on the needles (in a butter colored Micro Spun that I found when a knitting basket flipped over on Thursday during a spring cleaning).

For now, that's all the news that's fit to knit!

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