Thursday, April 24, 2008

The House of Mouse

Last night, around 2 AM (why do most awful things happen in the quiet hours between 2 Am and 5 AM? I'll just never understand that). I was awakened by the sound of a something. A something that wasn't right in our bedroom. I did the only natural thing to do, I jumped on top of Chris and whispered "wakeupwakeupwakeup" he grunted and I whispered "something happened near the mouse trap" - and this is one of the moments in my life that I am thrilled to be a girl. I mean, my heart went out to Chris as he had to turn on the light, adjust his eyes and put his feet on the floor (where I was certain a giant New York City rat would stick out its rat arm and try to pull one of us under the bed to eat us) and put on his pants and walk around the bed with his feet on the floor - I of course pulled the girl card and scooted over onto his side of the bed (as far away from the sound of the something without having to put my feet on the floor where the giant rat was waiting to drag me under the bed.

Chris announced then that we'd caught the mouse that had evicted me from the bedroom for the last 48 hours. I always go through a few stages of emotion when we catch a mouse in the apartment. First, I'm grossed out (which is strange, because I've never seen the aftermath of a sprung mouse trap, but I can certainly imagine it), and then I feel victorious that we've taken back the house from this uninvited rodent and then I feel really, really regretful and sad that we killed something. And then I think that we should've caught the thing somehow and released it back into the wild. But then I realize that we live in Brooklyn, so to release this mouse into the wild, we'd have to trap it, call the parking garage and get the car, drive to Pennsylvania, release the mouse and get back through the Holland tunnel before rush hour, or we'd be screwed. It's too much. The mouse had to go the old fashioned way; spring trap. Then I try to go back to sleep - where all I think about is the stupid mouse.

So - now that we're past that...this is what I wanted to show you when the mouse first drove me out of the bedroom where the camera and the laptop were:

I learned to spin my own yarn on Saturday! I went to a class at The Point! It was wonderful. I'm bummed because I met the Brooklyn meetup organizer there and I planned to go to their meeting tonight, but I promised Chris I'd go see a friend's show tonight in the city - so I've got to miss, but next Thursday, I'm there!

The class was great, the people were so sweet and I've been spinning bit by bit all week.

I bought the Springtime Lacy Scarf kit from the Point while I was there. I'm working away on it now, feeding my renewed obsession with making scarfs.

This week I also bought myself a little something from the Loopy Ewe. I loved this little tote bag - perfect for a sock! And it has a cute little tag that reads: "sock yarns don't count as stash" I love it!

I also got this skein of sock yarn called "Laurie's Carolina Morning" It's superwash Loopy Legends sock yarn. I can't wait to make a pair of socks from it. It'll be a great travel project for me as I run around this summer with wedding events.

So, that's what's been happening here. It's been busy! It's been mousey - all of that. And for now, that's all the news that's fit to knit.

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