Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time to Save Time

We're still trying to recover from this nasty flu business. That's right, I've shared my flu with C. poor thing is still willing to marry me - thank goodness. But we're hacking and sniffling away here in Brooklyn...

So, in between working (and apologizing to people over the phone for sounding like I just guzzled whiskey before I called them)...

I've been working on Save the Date cards and trying to pick a wedding invitation.

The fall theme has developed and everything for our wedding is now bedecked in maple leafs. I love this, C. tolerates this and that's just fine. I've always loved fall and I love the maple leaf, so we're in business. I've made these save the date cards - can't decide if I like the big leaf or the small leaf - so I've got a mix of them going out. I've photoshopped out our last names and the date (in the words of NL Cast, no stalkers!) - but this is the inside of the card. I made the little cake / leaf deal. I'm really quite proud of them.

I even sealed them with our newly shared last initial. I tried to do this with wax to start with, but that process was really time consuming and there was a bit of skill to it as well. I ruled that out for 150 invitations and went with a stamp instead.

So, we've been curled in bed surrounded by arts and crafts. It's looked pretty much like this:

DVD's - save the dates - registering
(we'll talk about that tomorrow)
and invitations

We're thinking about this for the invitations...

For now, that's all the news that fit to knit and wed!

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